Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Final Pay Phone Booth

Salon online magazine bemoaned the death of phone booths, even in the Mojave Desert. Perhaps it is not surprising to anyone who read the news over the weekend: the last pay phone in Pomona stands

at Alvarado and Garey, to the side of the Pomona Auto Lodge.

Today's post is not about pointing out that Pomona's last pay phone exists, but trying to make the best of it since it does. And no, I didn't get out of my car to take this picture!

To fight the crime they attract, cities have made phone booths into public art, like aquariums.

Enterprising business people have even turned them into kiosks, like this dog and bone pub.

Someone told me other cities fight crime by giving their problem residents vouchers for the Pomona Auto Lodge. This is consistent with who appears to be using Pomona's Final Pay Phone Booth. The problem is folks don't appear to be dialing someone to take them back home.

My husband told me "social policy," has pre-determined that corner will be a crime magnet. I've not the time to sort it all out, but I did have an idea.

The Final Pay Phone Booth Book Exchange.

Here's how it works: During daylight hours when the coast is clear of murder investigations and drunk dialers, leave a book by the phone. If enough books are left, feel free to borrow a book from those left by others. Repeat the cycle. A sign might be nice too. Together we can make an honest woman out of Pomona's Last Pay Phone Booth. Or at least encourage reading at that corner.

It could always be worse. According to this 2007 google maps photo, Pomona's Final Pay Phone Booth used to have a partner in crime.

Pomona's Final Pay Phone Booth: give her some love today.


Monica & Lauren said...

Did you happen to hear about the shooting at the auto lodge the other night? I believe it was on saturday. I was coming home around 1am and there were 20 cop cars surrounding the motel. As far as I know one person was shot but I haven't heard much else about it.

John Clifford said...

It was in today's DB. 1 Dead at the scene.

Anonymous said...

The article about the murder in their parking lot is the second link in the blog post.

But yes, I was away from town for the weekend and heard about it then.

The incident there, is, sadly, not surprising.

G of P

Anonymous said...

There is another payphone at Garey and Holt, near the Jack in the Box. It is on the east side of Garey, south side of the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

That hotel is causing havoc in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. NOT pleased with it at all.