Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Will the real Goddess of Pomona please stand up

A friend told me today they heard I dressed up in a costume and attended David Allen's booksigning the other day. Not this Goddess of Pomona. And I wasn't the Goddess of Pomona that rode in a car draped with a Goddess of Pomona banner for the Xmas parade a few years ago either. Rather, I was the Goddess of Pomona standing on the parade sidelines without an umbrella in the rain that year.

I was trying to explain to my friend today that I don't hold a corner on the market for being the Goddess of Pomona. I just happen to own the domain name, and the email addy on gmail, yahoo and There are tons of us here in Pomona doing what we can to make the place better, even though you won't see us win awards or necessarily dress up in costume.

I am glad another Goddess of Pomona brought such enthusiasm to David Allen's book signing event. And I'm kind of relieved I didn't go because showing up in the same outfit as someone else may have been, well, kind of embarrassing.

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