Friday, July 18, 2014

Pomona Growth

Today's photograph is of the Center Street Community Garden, with the Monterey Station Luxury apartments growing in the background.

Apparently this image is only temporary since the City owns the community garden land and word is they plan to sell it.

If the Center Street Community Gardens gets uprooted (which I really hope they don't!), perhaps the dirt and gardens can be moved to the empty gravel lot across from the Pomona Library parking lot on Garey. The set up could be sort of like this Atlanta Veterans Farmer's Market, but leaving the gravel area larger, so the lot can still be used by the City for overflow parking.


John Clifford said...

That property is slated for development. Last I heard it was to get a Smart & Final.

Anonymous said...

Which property is slated for development: the Center Street garden or the gravel lot by the library?

Don't we already have a Smart and Final on Garey just north of the 10? Would they just be moving?