Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pomona Lost and Found

Such is the ying yang of life, that now there are posters around Pomona for this "FOUND DOG." With a 'do like that, I'm sure someone is looking for this female cocker spaniel.

This place goes into the FOUND category: Brothers Afrik Market, coming soon to Towne Avenue, just north of Holt. I don't recall seeing another African goods marketplace in Pomona - although we may have LOST one along the way.

Brothers is located across the street from Zainabia, which is another place I have always wondered about. I just googled it and FOUND out Zainabia is an Islamic Society.

This building at the corner of Palomares and Holt goes into the LOST category in that it doesn't seem to know if it is open or shut. I drive past the Dept. Stores Outlet every day and for years have never figured out why there is inventory on the shelves, giving the hint of life, yet no obvious signs it is open for business.

Over time, the fabric awning at the back of the building gets more and more tattered, making the graffiti on said awning appear bigger and bigger.

Please someone help me solve this mystery of which category to put this building into.

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