Monday, July 07, 2014

Pink Elephants and a Fertilitree in Pomona

Driving through the intersection of White and 2nd, I thought I spied a pink elephant in the alley.

Driving into the alley for a closer look, it turns out there are four of them, not exactly dancing, kind of a little grumpy and crossing Abby Road! Grumpy or not, they sure cheer up that empty field and alleyway.

Speaking of public art, awhile back this artist named Damien Jones contacted me about helping him raise money to erect a 15 foot "Fertilitree" in front of AMOCA (the American Museum of Ceramic Art). As you can see, Damien has raised $8K towards his goal, but as of yet the fertilitree can not be seen amidst our forest of cultural revitalization here in Pomona.

If you did donate, you get a small FertiliSeed sculpture and/or your name on the actual Fertilitree statue! Damien describes the Fertilitree as having no branches or leaves, but "fulfilling her purpose of bearing fruits of inspiration, wonder and pleasure in the hearts of all who see her." Fertilitree will provide yet another reason to drive down Garey as opposed to Towne. Go Fertilitree!!

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