Thursday, July 10, 2014

R is for Roman Goddess and Recyling Plant Fire

Yesterday there was a fire at a Recycling plant in Pomona. That makes two Recycling plant fires in Pomona this year alone, as there was one in Janauary too.

If you were outside yesterday morning, you probably smelled a rubbery chemical in the air. Not surprisingly, the hazardous material unit was called to the fire. But still no announcement of exactly what hazardous substance we were all breathing in yesterday. Nor was there any assurance we were not.

One of the reasons I write the blog is because there is often no follow up to things that go on in Pomona, (especially things that don't pass the smell test). The L.A. Times rarely reaches this far inland for too long after the gun shots ring out. And the Daily Bulletin doesn't really have an investigative reporter.

The Daily Bulletin does have columnist, Claremont-man-about-Pomona, and friend of this blog David Allen. David just published his first book, "Pomona A to Z."

In David's own words:

"R is for Roman goddess, who brings classic touch to Pomona."

The last thing I want is for David to update his book and replace Roman goddess with "Recycling plant fire." So here's to keeping Pomona classic, old school and Recycling plant fire free!

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