Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crepe Myrtle Festival on Garey

A happy ending to the mystery of why hundreds of trees were chopped down on South Garey Avenue. According to an engineer with the City, the old trees were breaking up the sidewalks, so the City redid the concrete and intends to replace each and every of the 300 some trees they took out.

If you drive down Garey this week, you will see the newly planted crepe myrtle trees, as well as holes where more are slated to go in.

Not sure if all of this will warrant a crepe myrtle festival, but dang if the street doesn't look so much better already!

Some facts about crepe myrtles: they are deciduous (lose their leaves in the winter), bloom in the summer, drought tolerant after a couple years, fast growers to 10 feet tall, fairly disease resistant (most susceptible to mold).

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