Sunday, July 06, 2014

Lost Pomeranian in Pomona

I saw these posters up all over Lincoln Park and beyond today. There is nothing worse than when our furry friends are missing. Please keep an eye out for this sweet girl.

Awhile back there were posters all over Pomona, and I mean ALL over Pomona for another small white dog named Osito. Does anyone know if Osito was ever found?


calwatch said...

Probably got scared off by fireworks. I happened to be walking through Lincoln Park on the evening of the 4th and heard a dog collar go by, and then ten minutes later someone looking for it. Of course it was dark so I couldn't see the color, but it is tragic if this is the case. Remember to lock your dogs up on the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Well in Pomona, like all urban areas I've lived, the fireworks start about a month before the 4th, so there is probably an increase in dog freak outs and runaways for the entire month of June as well.

I'm still hearing them at night.