Friday, March 08, 2013

A Week in Pomona

Monday: saw the peacocks, about seven of them, on my street in the morning. Later, a group of three were along Palomares (which should be the first place to put up peacock caution signs). May they continue to keep one step ahead of the Inland Valley Humane Society and speeding cars.

Tuesday: For some unknown reason, I went to go vote.

Wednesday: admired Pomona from seven stories up when I performed jury duty. Pomona actually looks very lush and tree-filled from that vantage point. Until you look down at the ground, and see that god awful abandoned fountain in the middle of the court plaza. Clearly, it will never be a water fountain again, but can someone dump some dirt in there, plant a few succulents and call it a day? Yet another easy fix that illustrates how poorly managed this city is.

later Wednesday: got a flyer on my door announcing there will be filming at 394 E. Columbia in Lincoln Park on March 10. What are they filming?

Thursday: Trees are planted around the new Chase Bank at Garey and Foothill. Landscaping next week?

Friday: Arby's on Garey boasts a "Boost Mobile coming soon" sign. I'm glad they are keeping the funky building!

Man, I guess I need to get out more.


John Clifford said...

We only have 1 actual city manager, but 2 deputy city managers. Not all that unusual. We used to have an assistant city manager which is, as I understand it, one step above deputy.

Anonymous said...

by having two then one is not accountable?

Dana said...

In my dream, Pomona would revamp the fountain by turning it into one of those interactive splash areas, like at the Chino Hills Shoppes. Then, they would create revenue by renting out vendor space to help offset the cost of maintaining the fountain. I would TOTALLY go and bring my children to play around in a fountain while buying coffee and snacks on at least a weekly basis. I've even driven my children to the Chino Shoppes just to visit the fountain.