Saturday, March 09, 2013

Safe to Plant in Pomona?

okay, per my research Pomona is in gardening zone 19, as is Claremont. Though it appears eastern parts of both cities may be in zone 18. Today I planted some seeds indoors, which I probably should have already done, but what's new. I'm wondering when "all danger of frost" has passed, so I can plant other seeds outside. I am thinking not yet, but when? If you google zone 19 and last day of frost, nothing of help really comes up, so I geuss one has to just wait until it feels right.

I just read on the Farmer's Almanac site that March is the month of the Full Worm Moon. This is when worms start casting, attracting robins. I should have known this since our chickens have been diving into the soil with such enthusiasm of late. Good for them, there's nothing like a good meal.

And here is the rest of it.

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John Clifford said...

I've noticed an increase of birds routing around in my front yard as well.