Monday, March 04, 2013

Keep Hope, I mean plants, Alive

What happened to the bougainvillea bushes on the Pomona High School fence along Towne Avenue? Today is the first I noticed most all of them are completely dead. Bone dry dead, and not just kinda. They are usually quite vibrant, and combined with the sycamores, make the drive down Towne a bit more pleasant.

Further up Towne, there's a new "NEUROSCIENCE CENTER" whatever that means. The lettering is this reflective orange that seems intent on hypnotizing you as you go down Towne. Kinda weird.

In general, I prefer Garey Avenue to Towne Avenue these days (tho, of course, upper White Ave is my absolutely favorite, given that whoever does the landscaping there knows how to keep stuff alive). People seem more laid back on Garey, even cars getting on the freeway are not as frantically-driven as those that fly down Towne. Garey isn't perfect either. The vines in the new planters in front of Planned Parenthood are not far behind the Pomona High bougainvillea. And most every building and lot that has sat empty on Garey in the 10 years we've lived here still sits empty, with the exception of a Dialysis Center or two. But on the upside, the new Chase Bank is probably only weeks away from opening, and Pomona Valley Hospital appears to be embarking on new development north of the hospital. So kinda hopeful.

As for Lincoln Park, a little bungalow across from the park is priced at 380,000, so prices are coming up again. Whoever flipped it confused a craftsman with a victorian and painted it all sorts of different colors, two of them shades of purple. Kinda funky.

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Ren said...

The bougainvillea like some of my plants got hit bad with that cold weather we had.Some of mine are just coming back, I thought I would have to start pulling them out, but they are making a come back.

Robin said...

I see bougainvillea all over town that got zapped by the frost. It's been a tough winter for many sensitive plants. so sad

I'm glad you like the landscaping on north White. It's been interesting to watch it evolve. I can see where the vision of the landscape designer and the vision of the gardeners clash. When the agave throw up large flower spikes in a few short days, the gardeners are quick to cut them down. And when the bougainvillea and the lantana are about to bloom (right before the fair opens), the gardeners cut off all the flowers. But yes, I agree, it looks much nicer than when all was asphalt, gravel, and a few skinny palms along there.

Robin said...
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