Friday, February 05, 2010

Things to Remember in February besides your red umbrella

Hope no one's getting too excited just because I've posted two times in as many days. Please don't announce my "comeback" Mr. Allen, for you might jinx it again. If I can only figure out how to post from my new upgraded phone, we're really in business (is anyone out there using mobile blogger yet, I keep sending posts but they never make their way to the blog.)

Just some goings on in February besides the rain.

Starting on the next non rainy day in February, there will be ongoing free yoga and hoola hooping by donation in Lincoln Park on Saturday mornings. Bring your hips, your excess weight, your kids, everyone is welcome. Last I heard things were going to start with the yoga at 10, followed by the hoola hooping. Don't worry about the hoop, she'll have amazing professional grade hoops there for you to try out. And as for today's photo, perhaps we should add knitting to the mix too.

Tomorrow will be the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable at the Pomona Public Library. We attended a couple times in the past --even met some prairie-house-diehards from South Orange County. That was weird. As is my usual goal, I am going to try to get down there tomorrow, with the motivation being that they will be serving gingerbread cookies from the Pomona Bakery. Which beats the store bought SUGAR cookies from two years ago any day of the week.

The Dickens Festival will be going on in downtown Riverside all weekend, another one of my favorite places, even though the new remodel of the outdoor mall is rather boring. Never gone to the Dickens Festival, but maybe this will be the year. Okay, well probably not. If you do go down there, be sure to check out the used bookstore on the Marriott end of Main Street. I love their funky collection of owls and the great sitting area for the kids. And if you like to look at cool gift stuff, Miss Tigglywinkles (I think I got that right) is worth a peek. Lunch at Simple Simon's is always good and kinda makes me feel like I'm in the Bay Area. (Hopefully Pomona Bakery will be this large one day.)

On Sunday, it's off to downtown to get my hair cut for Haiti for $20 at Savoie on 3rd Street.

And lastly, before I fall off the face of the earth and don't post for another 3 months, I wanted to announce that
there will be a Pirate Band at the Art Walk next weekend. My thanks to Larry Egan over at Metro Pomona for honoring (and remembering) his promise to let me know when the pirate band came back since we missed their last performance downtown. Mr. Big is psyched.

Other than that, see you around campus everyone.


David Allen said...

Your secret's safe with me, Goddess.

Erin Gratz said...

Seriously excited about the prospect of yoga in the park on Saturdays. Especially if there is a little knitting action after. Hope to see you there...

Danae Campbell said...

Good to see you at the Seed Swap but sorry to have missed you at the ArtWalk. And hooray for the newest Goddess (of Garey) in town. You can never have too many Goddesses :)