Thursday, February 04, 2010

Straight to Video

Last month, we were looking into signing Mr. Big up for Pomona little league. We debated because the rules turn out to be very strict in terms of where you live and where you play. Pomona has two options: a field at Indian Hill and San Bernardino; the other at Ted Greene Park on Orange Grove below Arrow. I geuss you can see where this is going if you read the Daily Bulletin. The problem is that Lincoln Park kids are only allowed to play at the Indian Hill location, and not the Ted Greene Park locale, which is much closer. Husband and I both agreed that the intersection of Indian Hill and San Berdo is like the sleaziest one in Pomona. And actually, that intersection is at the crossroads of Pomona, Montclair and Claremont, so the scene there is a tri-city production. Really, that particular area of town is the only part of Pomona that gives me the eebie geebies (besides Phillips Ranch, of course). So, in the end, we decided to forego baseball this year, since we couldn't play at Ted Greene Park.

So then last week I read about the double homicide shooting at Ted Greene Park last Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Then this week, the Pomona City Council, rather than talking about THAT shooting, are talking about a film shooting instead. They have apparently decided to give $13,000 in community redevelopment funds to a film company -- all for the honor of gracing us with their presence to film for a few days. Sometimes it seems like the Council purposely does things to land themselves a spot in David Allen's column, which I suppose is better than the police blotter.

Even 7 year old Mr. Big knows that a friend you buy is not worth having. When some kid recently asked Mr. Big for his chocolate pudding in exchange for being his friend, Mr. Big refused. (Big would never make it in Pomona politics; he likes chocolate pudding too much.) I don't see why Pomona has to bend over backwards on this one. I can see if we are talking an entire film festival, but we are talking about one low budget film.

Even Big can do the math: Pomona's $13,000 would be better spent on hiring a part time recreation director at Ted Greene Park, or improving the sound system at the Fox Theater for next year's Smogdance.



Ren B^) said...

I agree Goddess 13 grand is alot to hand over and it would of been nice to hear them say we will have summer sports for our kids this year instead of this shooting(movie) in Pomona.I just hope Pomona doen`t shoot its self in the foot with this drive by ideal..

Anonymous said...

Stars in their eyes... When I was a kid little league games were played in several locations in Pomona, and all they needed was a diamond and backstop. Doesn't require a lot of money and most of the hardware is already there. Look around at some of the schools and parks and ask them why it can't be a "traveling" league, within the city limits of Pomona.

Ed said...

I can somewhat understand the rationale behind restricting players outside a city limit, but I'm curious why Pomona doesn't have one little league.

Look on the bright side, there's always spring soccer and AYSO doesn't have any boundaries.