Monday, July 13, 2009

Empathy in Pomona

On Saturday, Pomona was filled with smoke and confusion. But today is a new day and it is empathy that fills the air. We may not have handbaskets at our local Stater Brothers, but our little town is busting at the seams with pure, unadulterated empathy. This is, of course, nothing unusual here in Underdog Pomona. It is one of the characteristics of life in POmona that is hard to explain to outsiders (okay, Claremonters) when they wonder why the heck you live in Pomona. Tomorrow (Tuesday the 14th) there will be a community work day at The Garden all day. All are welcome to come out.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune had some photographs which were taken at the time of the fire. This one really got me. It captures the fiance's empathy for his girlfriend's loss so strikingly. Look closely: he has the word "HOME" written on his hand.

Another story that has not been told much is how Olympia (known as the Goddess of Garey Avenue around here, saved Dawn's animals. It seems the Goddess of Garey Avenue (pictured above "sun gazing") has now been elevated to hero status. As for me, seems I'm back working graveyard on the blog.



Anduhrew said...

Welcome back Goddess! I'm grateful to have you back.

AND Work Party Continues TOMORROW!

Anduhrew said...

tomorrow as in wednesday. same place same time.