Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fighting Fire with Fire

Pomona Command Post
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Wow, the story in the Daily Bulletin about the homeowners being unhappy about how the fire was fought has really hit a nerve.....with many people who hate Pomona. 99 comments and counting. I can't believe how prejudiced some people are against us.

Here's the link.

Work party at The Garden again tomorrow. If you can't do your part in person, at least make a comment on the DB site to defend our city.

Anyone else notice how high the dry weeds are in the school district's vacant lot on lower Garey?

I'm eager to learn the results of the investigation into the cause and handling of the fire. A third party investigation is certainly in order, given the City's extensive political ties to L.A. County fire.



John Clifford said...

Unbelievable how petty and crude some people can get. Especially knocking people when they're down.

Having seen first hand the response of the neighborhoods to this tragedy, I can say that I'm VERY proud to be living in this "cesspool" (as the DB critics have called it) of Pomona. We all pull together when one of us falls.

Ed said...

Besides the affirmation of community, this tragedy should also remind us all to evaluate our insurance coverage and what steps we could take to safeguard our personal documents or keepsakes from natural disasters.

I'm pretty sure that my house is under-insured and I haven't backed up my computer files in a long time.

meg said...

Whoa, that was the biggest load of venom I've encountered in a long time -- and I only read the first page.

I need a bath now, before it burns my skin...

Anonymous said...

I do not read comments in the D. B. as they seem to attract the sort of angry, ignorant, intolerant sentiment that that seems to be of no real value.