Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fire in Pomona

Pardon my dust as I'm in the midst of reinventing the blog for a possible comeback, but I did want to open up the site in order to post this video taken by 15 year old Pomona resident Juan Cabrera, my newest contributor here on the blog. That's him sideways above.

According to some posts on the internet and an interview with the homeowner of the 2 Old Divas knitting shop/home on channel 4 last night, there is some controversy over how this fire was handled by the fire department. Mr. Henry complained that the firefighters refused to fight the fire when it was behind his house, which he was pleading for them to do. Mr. Hall said he had to helplessly watch as his home proceeded to catch on fire and burn. The other business affected (I'm still not sure how much) was The Garden, the first organic garden shop in L.A. County, but more importantly the Garden was part of the heart of Pomona. This is very sad.

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John Clifford said...

Goddess, it's good to have you back. I'm only sorry that it took something like this to do it.

Thanks so very much for posting the video. It really brought the fire up close and personal.

Anduhrew said...

Goddess! Welcome back, we've missed you. thank you for the video, I hope the bloggers, the artists and downtowners and the regen co-op folks can band together to help everyone affected in the fire.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Juan, thank you for capturing some footage. Goddess, thank you for posting. My heart sure feels heavy right now.

Cindy said...

you're back! I came looking for your blog after reading about the fire in Pomona, according to the daily bulletin Dawn's business was destroyed :( A very sad day for this organic gardener as well as other in the area.

thanks for keeping us up to speed on it, and I hope to see you back and blogging regularly again soon.