Thursday, April 02, 2009

Two Great Pomona Outreach Events for Saturday April 4, 2009

And no, I"m not talking Victory Outreach. This SAturday will be the 6th Annual Sustainability Seminar hosted by the Pomona Regens, and the Restoration Workshop hosted by Pomona Heritage.

Go to for more info on the sustainability day that goes from 8 a.m. to midnight. The day will start with a tour of the Tri City Garden, but will otherwise be held at their co-op on Kingsely and the newest one on Palomares. And oh yeah, the Goddess of Garey Avenue will give a talk.

Go to Pomona Heritage for info on the restoration workshops being held at Trinity Methodist from 9 to 4, although they've chosen not to post the schedule which is a bummer.

For anyone reading this that still uses weed killers like Roundup, I urge you to check out the Monsanto video over at the Organic Consumer Organization. We've had a few dogs drop dead here in Lincoln Park, and these chemicals really have no place in our food chain, much less residential yards where our pets and children play and walk. Additionally, Monsanto is trying to get legislation passed that would encroach on our very ability to farm freely in our own backyards. You can link to petitions from the above site.

Now that even Obama is doing the food-not-lawns thing, perhaps this is the Spring to go for it!

p.s. anyone else notice that there are about a zillion "mosquito catchers" around right now? I've never seen anything like it, and hope this doesn't mean the mosquitos are going to be just as numerous this year.

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Anduhrew said...

i've seen that movie before "the world according to monsanto" there was a recent study that proved that corn as far south as teh yucatan peninsula is contaminated with genetically modified organisms. if monsanto had their way in mexico they could sue since they have a patent on their engineered life forms.

John Clifford said...


I'm sorry you didn't see it, but we did have the schedule for the Pomona Heritage Restoration Workshop on our web site. If you clicked either the Restoration Workshop button on the left or on the picture of the postcard, it took you to the full schedule.

I guess next year I need to make it clearer where the schedule is on the page.

Sorry 'bout that.