Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seeking Bundles of Wisdom

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Anyone out there in Pomonaland who bundles your various high tech services? I'm wondering what others do in terms of internet, phone, cable and/ or cell, and what you pay and think of your hookup.

So far, it looks like Pomonans can get Verizon Fios cable, internet and phone for $99 a month (price good for two years with a one year contract), or Roadrunner's slower internet, cable and phone for $69 a month.

I initially thought we would discard our landline, which we only keep in the event of an emergency. Tonight, Pomona Dispatcher Jenna and I found out that Lincoln Park cell phone calls still go to the CHP, since we are so close to the freeway. So it looks like unless we get the magic jack, we will keep the landline (and the excessive tax payments) for now.


Skrip said...

I looked into this bundle thing before and its not really worth it for me. You end up paying more with the added taxes and fees that they include.

I have a landline (that I dont want, but need for home alarm) for $24 a month, plus another $21 for internet. I also have dish network for $51 on 2 HDTVs. The rest of my TVs are on Digital free over the air antenna. So I pay a little less than $99 a month. The 2 year deal for $99 you speak of will more than likely reset at the end for alot more $$$ a month.

The only good thing about it is one payment to one place, that's about it.

And that's my little bundle of wisdom (opinion) for you Goddess and anyone else who has considered this.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

We have FiOS, but just for the internet function. We don't have a TV, so no cable needed. No home phone either; our alarm system uses a wireless radio thingamijig (an extra $10 per month, but still cheaper than a land line). And our cell phones have the Pomona PD on speed dial, just in case 911 doesn't kick us to the right place in case of emergency (speed dial #9 makes it easy to remember).

Ed said...

I'm no help either. I only differ from Skrip in that being a computer geek, I use "beyond tv" for video distribution/dvr. I also use Pride's Pomona PD solution on my cell.

I have a relative that uses magic jack, but don't know if they like it.

me said...

yeah, we don't have cable currently either. EVery time we look into this, we end up doing nothing.

G of P