Sunday, April 05, 2009

Adventures in Shopping Local #1

Women of the year
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I made a quick trip for eggs to the Pomona Stater Bros. this morning and saw former-disappointment-of-a-Mayor and Current Assemblywoman Norma Torres shopping there. She and her husband had their cart chock full of groceries. I suppose she should be congratulated for doing her part by shopping locally - although technically the Von's in LaVerne is closer to her house, and I suspect closer to her heart. As a resident here, I am grateful for her tax dollars.

I could not resist checking out her purchases from afar. She was buying mostly items in boxes and cans, not a lot of fresh stuff, at least one bag of chips. Perhaps Norma grows all her fruits and vegetables in her backyard.

I found today's photo on, which seems to identify Norma as a 2009 Woman of the Year. So I suppose seeing Norma at Staters qualifies as the closest thing to a celebrtiy sighting this side of the 57.


John Clifford said...

I thought Norma lived in Ganesha Hills. Not sure how Vons is closer. She used to live farther north but moved to the Hills just before she became Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Thought we'd hear about the Fox Gala by now. Did you go? How was it?