Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goddess in the House

I had pretty much resolved myself to the fact that I would not be attending the Gala Grand Opening of the Pomona Fox Theater. At $135 a ticket, this Pomonaphile just couldn't justify it, much less swing it in the first place! But still, something felt wrong about my not being there in some capacity. Especially knowing that some people who I don't think have been all that nice to this City would get to be there.

Then a couple nights ago, Greg and Laura Estel of Greg's Refrigeration (yes I will give them a plug) offered my husband and I comp seats at their table. I'm not sure what I did to deserve a free ticket to the ball, but free is even better than the 99 cents most of us Pomonans like to pay for things.

So thank you Greg and Laura (you can read more about Greg if you click the link below). Thank you also to everyone who made the Fox reopening a reality!

For those who didn't score their own free tickets, I promise to share my rags to riches walk down the red carpet on Saturday night. According to David Allen's most recent column, my head is not the only one spinning with excitement.



Ms. Lois said...

Good for you, Goddess. I want to know every last detail!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to turn my head and see most of my neighbors from my table.
It was great to be out and on the town all dressed up. It was only the 3rd time I have worn a tux in my life.
The Fox looks wondeful and I already have tickets for the Wilco concert in June! Can't wait!