Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday at The Fox: Where Passion was in Fashion

Since you can see the pretty pictures at Ren's Place and read David Allen's beautiful words in his column, all I will attempt to do here is fill in some of the details about Saturday's Gala Grand Re-Opening of the Fox Theater.

As I didn't grow up around here, Saturday night was my first time seeing the inside of the Fox. That's me third row of tables from the front and three from the right side.

Above is another banquet held inside the Fox, back in the 30's.

I must say the Pomona Fox exceeded my expectations.

I had assumed it would not come close to the art deco magnificance of Oakland, California's Paramount Theater pictured above.

But dang was I wrong. I was humbled that such a drop dead gorgeous space is in my own home town of Pomona.

I've stolen the photos for today's post from the Daily Bulletin and Metro Pomona, but I have to say that none of them does the space justice. You've really got to go inside and see it for yourself.

There was great energy and a collective happiness in the building on Saturday night. Happiness that something so profoundly good and beautiful has finally happened for our hardluck town. I am thankful I was there to feel all that Pomona passion.

Now for the fashion.

This goodess was in true downhome Pomona form, wearing a recession era black dress by Tarjay, accessorized with a lacey scarfy thing, my goodluck moonstone necklace, and black stockings from the Holt Street Walgreens.

Best dressed and most goddess-like was Mickey Gallivan, who looked fabulous and smooth-skinned in a purple backless number. And Mickey did her part to make Pomona a greener place, she REUSEd her daughter's old prom dress for the ocassion. Her husband Jim even wore a top hat. No word on whether that was recycled or reduced.

As for most interesting, one unknown woman wore a funky orange outfit that was part 60's pantsuit / part kimono / part art cavass all wrapped up into one.

Most inappropriate (even south of Holt Ave) was a woman who must have been pushing 65, with a neckline that plunged lower than Elvira's.

Best hair goes to Little Victor Tessier's long tresses at table number one.

And most color-coordinated was Mike Schowalter in a pink tuxedo vest and bowtie, which matched the salmon-colored walls of the theater.

I would love to get photos of the Pomona everyday people who attended. Please email them to me at goddessofpomona@mail.com. No stars or politicians please.

A wake up call occurred midway through the ceremony, when sirens could be heard from outside and people started laughing. The sirens were a reminder that yes, we were really still in Pomona. And that felt good.



Anonymous said...

So often I read your postings because I really do believe you are doing a good thing for Pomona and promoting all that is good here. What I am tiring of, however, is the backhanded compliments. Your musing are fine, but please resist the temptation to throw in the overused and cliched stereotypes about Pomona. Was it really necessary to mention the sirens on Saturday and the reminder that "we're really still in Pomona?"

me said...

Then you, as someone who works for the City of POmona (sitemeter is a wonderful thing) should stop treating Pomona residents like second class citizens. This way, I can once and for all get rid of my inferiority complex.

Do we have a deal?

G of P

Skrip said...

Cool write up Goddess! I showed up at DBA256 around 11pm and hung out there all night... some lady who attended the event said I looked like Vince Vaughn, kinda weird but funny. I talked to other attendees and some told me they gave it an 11 out of 10! Another told me a 7 out of 10... either way, sounds like a wonderful time was had in a city who once was the pride of the valley, and hopefully will someday be again!

btw, i laughed at your siren joke. must we all act like there are no problems in this big city? geesh... its called reality, sometimes it's good to laugh at all the crazy things in life.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as a city employee and a Pomona resident, I have pride in our city and try to dispel the negative that comes with the name Pomona every chance I have. As for treating the citizens of Pomona as 2nd class citizens, I'm sure you don't mean me specifically, so I won't respond to that. Every city has its problem, problem areas and problems that plague it for generations. Pomona has that dubious distinction, but so much positive stuff is happening and there are people who really care about this city. I know you are one of them. I just don't get why you choose to insult Her with snide remarks at each turn. "...and here i thought it smelled like mission recycling" is yet another perfect example. Sigh. I'm all for laughing things off sometimes, but some of these comments...well, you just perpetuate the negative. That's all.