Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three More Pomona Blogs

There are three more Pomona blogs driving down the road these days (better warn the police check points):

Raw Pomona - a raw nutrition blog

Original Skrip - tales from the Eastside of town

Pomona Neighborhood Watch - a team of people covering a variety of streets and faiths in Pomona.

Welcome!!! And if Pomona ever brings back the Christmas Parade, we will definitely need to hire at least a couple of flatbeds to hold all us bloggers.

I will add these to my side bar when I get a minute. A few of the Pomona blogs I added the last time have not seen any action in some time. Given my own propensity not to post these days, it seems overly judgemental to remove a blog that has not had a post in some time. But what do you think?



tibbi said...

what happened to the Recall Rothman Blog????

Anyone know?

Skrip said...

Thanks Goddess! Hope to meet you someday.

Tibbi, i think people we're afraid of some kind of backlash by Rothman and staff. You know, ISP checks are easy.

Anduhrew said...

i say we get the blog owners' phone numbers and call them and harass them until they post. Or develop a pomona bloggers association where we all link and we must have a minimum number of postings per month otherwise the link is removed! don't want people thinking the Pomona Blogosphere is inactive as the city itself.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is already work on the 2009 Christmas parade?

Keep your ears to the ground.