Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Man in the Floppy Hat

This is one of three orange-crate-themed murals going up in downtown Riverside. I actually watched one of the murals being painted -- from my car as I drove by, that is. I am kicking myself now, because I almost stopped and talked to the man with the floppy hat painting the mural so many times.

Before I did get a chance to stop and talk to him, the mural was all done, the man with the floppy hat was gone, and I was left to read about him in the Inland Empire Weekly (who I have to thank for today's photo). And then, I was really kicking myself.

Pomona could use a few more murals about town. With our wealth of artists downtown and in our schools, combined with the exposure these murals get, I think the City could commission some folks at an affordable price, even in these trying times. I mean someone might even design and paint murals for free.

Just this past weekend, there was a guy painting a mural on the side of the Dynamic Grafix building at Jefferson and Garey. It appears to be an outer space theme. I, again, promised myself I'd go back to talk to the guy painting the mural before he disappeared like the guy in the floppy hat. But of course, I never quite made it back. Thanks to Ren who took these photos to show you the mural:

I am thinking that the Community Life Commission can add this to their shopping list. Even Detroit is aiming to be the Mural Capital of the World, as opposed to the title they currently hold.



Ed said...

If you're in Riverside, the underpass next to UCR has a mural worthy of seeing for possible inspiration.

I think public murals may fall under the auspices of the Cultural Arts Commission (CAC). The Metro Pomona crowd may be able to offer more insight on the mural process and the status (frustration) of the mural on the Garey underpass. A High Schools of Pomona mural project appeared on the CAC agenda for February. Just a hunch, but I'm guessing the members of that commission would be ecstatic over increased interest in public art.

FYI: My Treo indicates the next commission meeting is on Thur. March 19th and I'll post a reminder when the date nears.

John Clifford said...


I was looking at the news widget and the headline about two pedestrians being run over in Pomona caught my eye. The link took me to the Spingfield News-Ledger web site.

Well, I didn't even know that there was a Pomona in Missouri. So the goddess teaches us something new every day.


Anduhrew said...

ahh, I must have missed this post! I wanted to talk to him too but I was on my way somewhere. i don't even remember where. I bet some of the people in the Colony i think at Studio 457 might know who it is.