Friday, February 27, 2009

Community Garden Work Day on Saturday

This from Teacher Diana over at the Lincoln Elementary Community Garden:

"Just a quick reminder that we will be working in the Lincoln Elementary community garden this Saturday, February 28 from 9-12. We hope you can make it. Bring your tools.

Our last garden meeting on Feb, 23 was rescheduled for Monday, March 9 at 3:00 in the school, staff lounge. Our school now has a "Go Green" student club that is interested in growing flowers on campus. We will be helping them, providing seeds and tools. If you know of any places that can donate flowers please email me. Hope to see you this weekend."

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Eurydice said...

Hi There... I was invited to leave a blog on this site about the Community Garden efforts in Pomona. My name is Eurydice Turk and I am the District 4 Commissioner to Pomona's Community Life Commission (“CLC”).

As the CLC focuses on how to contribute to Community Life in Pomona, we have been interested in ideas on how to build a sense of community that goes city-wide. We have discussed several projects and at our last meeting, we invited Community Garden Representatives to give us a presentation. We were all very impressed with the work, objectives and goals of the Community Garden. We have asked the Representatives to come back and further discuss with us how we can support their efforts.

We received a very nice thank you note from the visiting Representatives and are looking forward to meeting again.

We'll keep you posted as print-worth events occur.

Have a great weekend!