Monday, February 16, 2009

Love, Pomona Style

Rose Seller
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Today marks one month since I've last posted on the blog. If anyone is reading this, then I suppose I should thank you for not giving up on me entirely.

Ever the romantic, Husband spent Valentine's Day sick in bed. So Mr. Big and I took the opportunity to do something outdoorsy. We drove out to the State Citrus Park in Riverside, California.

I would highly recommend such an outing for adults who are childfree, as well as those with kids. Wear walking shoes, and be sure to go on Saturday, or one of the rare days the place is actually open. Here's their website, as well as more photos. The park features walking trails through the groves and palm tree lines, sweeping views of the Riverside area, and a glimpse of just how beautiful these inland valleys were way back when. The gift shop sells original crate labels, as well as a very cool $8 poster featuring a collection of crate labels from the Inland Empire. Mr. Big is already planning our next trip back, this time with either dog or bike in tow.

If you do head out there, be sure to take Victoria Avenue back toward the freeway, which is the scene of this famous crate label.

Before moving out here, Riverside - much like Pomona - was someplace I had written off as nothing more than methampetamine addicts and trailer parks. It's amazing what one can discover once you get off your high horse and look around.

Upon driving back home and exiting the 60 freeway at Reservoir, we were greeted by a fairly unValentiney scene: a lone flower vendor being given a ticket by two Pomona police officers. Given that there are no businesses in that part of town from where to even buy flowers, this seemed kinda harsh.

Later that night, when Big and I attended the Farmer's Market and 2nd Street Art Walk, we took a few minutes to reflect on life at the edge of Pomona's newest manmade lake (AKA the largest dental extraction this side of the Mississippi, compliments of the rain and the caring folks at Watt Development Company). I thought back on the flower seller earlier, and was struck by the wrongheadedness of a City where flower selling is a higher crime than the decimation of an entire city block.

Otherwise, a great night out in Pomona, where I continue to keep the faith and continue my love/hate relationship with this dysfunctional town.

P.S. Ran into Ren and met Susie of Pomona Arts Colonists for the first time.



Anonymous said...

Why should a flower vendor bother securing a business license if they can operate freely on city streets? Your position penalizes legitimate and legal flower shops.

I may not agree with Watt's tactics, but at least they were operating legally.

pomona's art colonists said...

It was so nice to meet you! I hope that you enjoyed the artwalk....we sure sure did! We had people from all over Southern Ca. visit us and we had a couple come out from Rhode Island for the show...they were pretty impressed with our artscene!
I also saw the impact of blogging on Saturday...countless people told me that they read about the artwalk on the blogs.
Hope to see you again soon! maybe we bloggers could have some kind of get together ;-)

John Clifford said...

Good to have you back Goddess. Yes, some of us still check back regularly. Wasn't the art walk wonderful this month. A chill in the air but warmth everywhere we went.

Sorry we missed you!

Ren said...

Back in High School I can recall going to the orange groves to go party I remeber when north pomona looked like that and it was great to see you boss.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Great to see your post, Goddess. The artwalk was thumpin', that's for sure. My favorite gallery this month was Bunny Gunner.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who wrote: "I may not agree with Watt's tactics, but at least they were operating legally."

Question: But were they operating in good faith?

How long before the vote to tear down the buildings did Watt Genton know that Watt and Genton would be "breaking up?" Has anyone from the City looked into this as a possible lawsuit, or are they all too afraid about their own culpability in allowing the "deal" to go thru?

David Allen said...

Nice to have you back, G of P.

I'll read "Love, Pomona Style" more carefully later ... since I'll probably be looking at it every morning for the next month.

robincgonz said...

Glad to have you back!

As a Pomona ex-pat with deep roots, your blog is a daily stop. I wish it had been around when I lived there, because it's such a source of info! Oh, but then, maybe so much stuff wasn't going on when I still lived there...

Anonymous said...

btw, 1st time at the artwalk on 2/14 and had a blast. I think I'll wear a nametag since I frequent all these pomona blogs nowadays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Goddess!
I was very adult at the art walk and stayed out until 10:30! Gasp!
I had a great time with good friends and even bought a couple of paintings at the bunny gunner.
A good time was had by all.