Friday, January 16, 2009

Pomona Power: Flex It.

Today's photo comes to us from reader Skrip, who hails from Pomona's far east side of town. He and his wife live one block from Montclair and two blocks from Claremont. In other words, one block from another county, and two blocks from another country. Skrip points out that his photo captures "red sweetgum and citrus, stick plum trees, angel trumpets and a distant ash tree, heck even mt.baldy is down there somewhere... oh yeah, and the darn electric pole (the centerpiece)." Beautiful Pomona. I sure wish Jim Morrison had wrote the Pomona equivalent to L.A. Woman.

Anduhrew over at Student in Pomona describes his favorite snapshot of Pomona, a view I don't know but will be sure to check out. My favorite that comes to mind is the red-lettered "Pomona Flowers" sign on Garey. Sadly, the burnt out lights were finally fixed, so the sign no longer reads "Pomona Flow," yet it still provides a rather mystical presence as you drive up Garey at night.



Anonymous said...

My favorite scene will always be the rotating FOX sign above the Fox Theater.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for nearly a year now and really enjoy it. Thanks Goddess of Pomona.... My husband and I are pro Pomona even though we happen to live in Claremont (ok ok don't egg us). We are both tired of living outside the in crowd and crave a sense of belonging to a "real" community.
I must say that we are confused about Pomona especially with all the talk about safety ..etc. We'd like to buy a house and live in Lincoln Park.
Can someone please give us the full picture???? What is it like living in Pomona?

Anonymous said...

GofP, you are too funny! I am literally laughing my butt off!! One is another county, and the other is a whole other country! Thanks for putting up the strange picture I took! I told my wife what you said and she was laughing hysterically and couldnt believe the picture is on a blog. Keep up the great work and humor!

Anonymous, I have some friends in Claremont as well who are thinking of selling their small ranch type house and purchasing a historic Pomona home in those few areas of this city. What you must remember is that Pomona is the Los Angeles of this area. Which means, this is a HUGE city with all the big city problems. Pomona has over 200,000 people, Claremont has about 65,000+. Just like Los Angeles, you can live in a beautiful area with gorgeous homes, but within a perimeter of perhaps 2 to 4 city blocks. After that you have your mini malls with check cashing places and perhaps stores appealing to lower income people. So in other words, you might live on a nice neighborly street, but 2-3 blocks away theres loitering etc. Claremont, you might live on a nice street, but you can't be loud or be a person that enjoys throwing parties etc. in the evening (alot of retirees in population who like it nice and quiet). Also people cant park for your parties on your street unless you go through the hassle of notifying police of all the cars that will be at your event.

But you would get a heck of a house for the price compared to Claremont. The police is pretty good with calls around the historic areas as well. Me and my wife were looking at some of these homes.. You can get a nice historic home in the neighborhood of 500,000-600,000, the same house would cost over 1.2 million in Claremont.

just an opinion. thanks again Goddess!

-Skrip (a new reader for 2009)

Anonymous said...

I'm on the other side of U.S. and need an update on my hometown!