Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pomona Measure PS

I emailed the Pomona Superintendent of Schools to offer her some space on the blog for Measure PS. Here's what she had to say:

"This is just a note of thanks to Goddess of Pomona and your contributors for your ongoing support of the Pomona community and Pomona Unified School District. We’ve been working hard to transform public education here, and we know it’s crucial to the renaissance of our city. Measure PS, which is on the November 4 ballot, is part of our effort to help improve our city as a whole by improving our schools. I can’t ask you to vote one way or the other on it, but I can ask you to be sure and vote on it. It will be near the bottom of your ballot. Thanks again!

Dr. Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana
Superintendent, PUSD"

P.S. by G of P: Did you know that "Dr. T" has her own blog? I wondered how common it was for a superintendent to have a blog, so I googled "superintendent" + "blog." Dr. T's blog was on the second page of hits! And when I googled "children's librarian" + "blog," Miss Lois' blog turned up on the third page of hits. And the fact that Pomona has both a children's librarian blog AND a superintendent's blog, well WOW!

P.S.S. As if that were not enough, Pomona has another spanking new blog, whose writer insists it's not quite ready for primetime, so stay tuned.



tibbi said...

the city's favorite bartender also has a blog, let's not forget about him (me).


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ren said...

And lets not for get the last artist on 2nd st. at least here on the very west end of 2nd. st.passing the hat for a bottle of cheap wine.

Suetonius said...

No on PS until the PUSD can provide a detailed accouting of how the money will be spent.

Anduhrew said...

Even in the poorest parts of town i see Signs in support for measure PS looks like it's got a lot of backing.

Anonymous said...

The Pomona Superintendent is extremely dedicated to the parents, students, and community of Pomona. She truly has their best interests at heart. She will make sure there is a committee responsible for the accountability of money spent for the bonds. The community is fortunate to have her on their side.

LinknPark said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree the superintendent is dedicated to the parents, students and community of Pomona, but what about the parents, students and community of Diamond Bar? An oversight committee of 11 Pomona residents and one Diamond Bar resident is not a "committee."