Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Makeover

Here are Before and After Shots of the LONG PALM TREE FIRE MEMORIAL, courtesy of Ren.

Rumor has it that the LONE PALM TREE FIRE MEMORIAL is now gone, but I assure you that the Goddess statute is still inside the library. If anyone knows the circumstances of the LONE PALM TREE FIRE MEMORIAL's disappearance, please update the blog. I think I might actually miss it's patheticness on my drives up and down Garey. Is a guerilla gardener at work in the City of POmona or was this a rare act of pre-beautification clearing by the City of Pomona? A girl can hope, can't she?

I am still recovering from the deluge of tricker treaters on Halloween. Definitely the highest turnout over on my street in our five years in Lincoln Park. We literally had to beg the crowd to let us close up shop so that we could take Mr. Big out. Anyone get a number count? I always tell myself I'll count, but then I end up zoning out by the tenth princess. It was nice to see some of the Yes on 8 signs taken down in honor of the holiday.

And here is the rest of it.


LinknPark said...

We had roughly 3000 pieces of candy, and were handing them out nearly one at a time. We were out by 9:20, and started back up after we got an infusion from a friend of 500 pieces. It was pretty insane this year; the yard decorations are getting better too.

Anonymous said...

We finally ran out at around 9:45 and fell to the ground dead tired.
We had fun putting all the decorations up but I hate the take down. A ton of work for 1 day but well worth it.
Already planning for next year.
One word...AUTOMATION!

robbie said...

We always count our candy and are pretty careful about only giving out one piece to each trick-or-treater. We gave out 1460 pieces by 8:45 when we closed up shop. I love Halloween in Lincoln Park! If you take a moment and look down one of the busy streets like Jefferson, it looks like a movie set.

Anduhrew said...

i took the detour to see the tree, it's gone! hurray! let's see if we can get Pomona to clean up the rest of the city