Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fire Bug

Pomona's newest blog, Ren's Corner Blog, has photos of Friday's fire in Lincoln Park.

Speaking of fires, did you know that Garey Avenue - between the Planned Parenthood Building and the Shell Gas Station - was the scene of the LONE PALM TREE FIRE OF 2007?

In a joint effort by the Shell Corporation and the City of Pomona, a barely living (if not completely dead) memorial still stands at the site.

As you can see, careful attention has been paid to every last detail of the memorial, which features a charred stump and dried frongs arranged atop in abstract fashion.

Anyone coming off the 10 freeway at Garey, pumping gas at the local Shell, retrieving last minute birth control supplies from Planned Parenthood, or simply passing by on Pomona's main drag, is treated 24/7 to the MEMORIAL OF THE LONE PALM TREE FIRE OF 2007. I believe that's 5,000 drivebys a day, per CalWatch's recent traffic statistics. Oh wait, if you look closely at the photo again, you can see that even passing trucks on the 10 freeway can view down onto the memorial.

For more mistakes in Pomona's landscape involving palm trees, check out Student in Pomona.



ren said...

well if you were to read its palm it would of showed a short life span lol danm am good.

Anonymous said...

That is usually where I get gas.
I have seen that poor palm tree in that condition for years. I always wonder why it has not been replaced.
At that height it actually is fairly old.

Anduhrew said...

i always wondered about that. now I know... Looks like a job for a "Guerilla Gardener"

ren said...

I went by there the other day goddess and the lil palm is gone.

me said...

LOL really? Are we to assume that a guerilla gardener got to it and something wonderful will soon be taking it's place? (G of P nudging Anduhrew excitedly)

Garrett Sawyer said...

I LOL'ed.