Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too Much On My Plate

Good Morning
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My apologies to everyone who has gotten bored checking in on the blog to find no updates, or who has sent me unanswered email in the past few weeks. Due to back to school and changing my work situation, I have neither been able to post on here or be a good pen pal. My family and I are all fine, just busy.

Lately, I have been experiencing Pomona through the eyes of outsiders. As I have recently met new co-workers, I am seeing a lot of confused faces when I tell them I live in Pomona. And, it's not just my imagination. I think people form an image of who I am as a person, and when they find out I live in Pomona, it just doesn't jive. A couple of them have flat out asked me why on earth I live here.

Even I, Goddess, have a hard time describing Pomona to outsiders. They nod their heads when I tell them, but I can see that they are still wondering "What the?"

Then on the weekends, I've been seeing Pomona from the eyes of the people from Phillip's Ranch. Mr. Big joined the Pomona AYSO this month. I'm told the Pomona AYSO was defunct for a few years, after accusations of misappropriation of funds. This year, a wonderful Pomona couple named Jessie and Alex run the whole show, with assistance from volunteer parent coaches and refs. The kids and parents involved in the organization are total Pomona people, as in the nicest ever! But the Pomona league is so small that there aren't enough teams to play ourselves, so we have to go up to Phillip's Ranch to play the Phillip's Ranch teams on the weekends. The Phillips Ranch folks have their own AYSO league called the Phillip's Ranch AYSO, because, you see, they don't consider themselves a part of the rest of Pomona. I'm told that last year, the Pomona teams ran circles around the Phillip's Ranch teams. Can't say that's really happening with Mr. Big's team this year, but give 'em time.

For the past two Saturdays, once we set foot in Phillip's Ranch Park, it felt like going to a whole different Country, or at least a whole different town. Our Phillip's Ranch competitors this past Saturday actually looked a little scared when they realized they were playing a team from big, bad Pomona. (For those who are still confused, let me spell it out: Phillip's Ranch is NOT a separate City, but rather part of the City of Pomona. Though you'll never get a P-Rancher to admit THAT at a cocktail party, much less a soccer game!) They say the only Phillips Rancher willing to claim Pomona is Elliott Rothman, the City Councilperson from Phillip's Ranch. And that's only because he wants something from those of us in lowly Pomona: our vote for him for Mayor of Pomona!

The Pomona teams could use some sponsors btw. If any local business owners would like to contribute towards game banners (which ALL the Phillip's Ranch teams have, and only ONE of the Pomona teams has), you can email me or get in touch with directly.

And as for my vote for Mayor of Pomona, it's with the guy from Pomona, of course: George Hunter. THE END


Anduhrew said...

i understand your busy schedule. sounds like this soccer gig is a blast though. reminds me of when my dad used to watch me play baseball. i sometimes ride my bike through phillips ranch to get to school and i agree. it does feel like a different world.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
You have been missed.

I am also glad to see your endorsment of George Hunter. Seriously people, he is the only possible choice for a sane person in charge of the care of our fair city.
Since I am a lazy kind of guy and don't have my own blog, I have been hoping to see opinions bantered about in the Pomona blogs about the election.
Thanks again for your blog!

Ed said...

Nice to see you're back.

On the banner thing, is your team making it or paying someone to make it? I'm biased, but I'd encourage your team to make their own. Cost will be minimal and the kids will enjoy it if they can be involved. Some regions actually do banner competitions to reward the homemade efforts.

Thanks for illustrating how a little geographical isolation leads to misunderstanding. Hopefully, in the pursuit of making Pomona better, we don't encourage neighborhood isolation. Leave it to youth sports to break down barriers.

LinknPark said...

George Hunter really is the best choice, too bad im not seeing many of his banners in peoples front yards. God forbid we end up with another Norma Torres! Somebody actually qualified would be a nice change of pace for the city.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, Goddess. I enjoy reading your blog and use it to access other blogs.
I am a resident of that other "country": Phillips Ranch, but I always tell people I live in Pomona!! My parents live in Pomona (not in P-Ranch) and I even work in Pomona! We use the Pomona Public Library and not that tiny, cramped Diamond Bar Library. We are proud to be Pomonans, so please don't say that there isn't anyone living in Phillips Ranch that will admit to actually living in Pomona.

David Allen said...

Goddess, nice to have you back, and hope you're back again soon. We don't want to see the full plate photo for as long as we saw the soccer ball photo.

In what city are you working where co-workers go blank when you mention Pomona?

Inform 'em that Pomona is L.A. County's fifth-largest city, thank you very much, and that it offers an intriguing mix of urban and small town life.

Granted, they may roll their eyes when you turn around, but you'd still be right.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to sign my kid up for soccer? I tried looking at their site and couldn't really tell.

me said...

To answer the questions:

Re: POmona soccer: I think that some of the ages are full and I was told by a friend that she was turned away, but you might want to give them a call at the number listed on the website. If all else fails, it starts again next year.

To the Phillip's Rancher who claims Pomona: glad to hear it and welcome to the blog. I do accept guest posts and a P-Ranch perspective would be nice to see, so think about it.

Glad to see that Anduhrew, Ed and Davis are still chugging away on the blogs. As for what town I work in, David, now you know that is just too much information for me to talk about on here!

G of P

Ms. Lois said...

Hi Goddess, it's great to see you back. I was out at Cortez Elementary last night and met George Hunter. I was quite impressed!

Kate Thornton said...

While George Hunter is an admirable person, and certainly would be my second choice for mayor, let me just mention why I think Elliot Rothman is a great candidate. I live in the Westmont neighborhood - not Phillips Ranch - and Elliot Rothman is our councilman & has been very responsive to our neighborhood requests. He serves our area well, walking door to door even when there isn't an election going on, and shopping at our neighborhood markets (I've run into him several times grocery shopping)

He has helped my neighbors with school problems, code problems and zoning & permit problems. He's available and reachable and always remembers my name. He shows up at school functions and neighborhood meetings.

I can understand how you might not be aware of how much good he does if you do not live in our neighborhood, but he is much appreciated here.

George Hunter is a fine candidate for mayor. I just think Elliot Rothman would do a great job, too, and he has made such a good difference in our neighborhood.

Angel said...

"They say the only Phillips Rancher willing to claim Pomona is Elliott Rothman, the City Councilperson from Phillip's Ranch. And that's only because he wants something from those of us in lowly Pomona: our vote for him for Mayor of Pomona!"

all so true...

glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

To Kate:
I'm glad to hear that Elliott Rothman remembers your name... for as long as I've know him, he doesn't remember mine.
George Hunter doesn't even live in my district and he has ALWAYS remembered my name, been kind enough to always say hello, and given me much positive advice. My vote is for HUNTER! :)

Jeanelle said...

Hey, I live in Phillips Ranch but I do have to admit I usually say I live in "Phillips Ranch in Pomona". I actually have a lot of pride in our historic city, used to work in parks & recreation while in high school (Garey High)and used to be involved in city events, the Pomona Salvation army...etc before I had kids. We have one of the best city libraries and such an ecclectic mix of people and businesses. I have family both in the Ranch and in Pomona and have lived here most of my life. It doesen't surprise me that people have such a negative connotation of our city. But, it does make me feel good when I do see the good improvements happening in our city such as all the new retail stores, tighter control on grafiti, new home construction, maintaining the artistic historical home districs etc.

Not all P-Ranchers are Pomona haters.

Cindy said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Pomona city councilman arrested
By Lori Consalvo on October 8, 2008 10:14 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

POMONA - City councilman Elliott Rothman was arrested for drunken driving Tuesday night, said police officials.

The city has not released any more information on the incident.

Rothman was elected to the City Council in 1996 and re-elected in 2002, and 2006, according to his biography on the city's Web site. He has served as council member for the past 12 years in District Five.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time...
that's all I am saying.

Anonymous said...

Rothman caught in DUI!

Garrett Sawyer said...

Welcome back Goddess!!! You've been greatly missed! Of course, I've been quite busy myself with the new school year as well.

It's funny, the whole Pomona and Phillips Ranch really is. The PennySaver we recieve, among a few other things, every so often in the mail says "Phillips Ranch" in the address instead of "Pomona", it's quite funny actually. I live on the fringe of Pomona where Pomona and "Phillips Ranch" meet just by a few blocks...I don't know if that means I can claim I live in Phillips Ranch or what but it sure is funny to see that on things addressed to us from time to time when I know that the neighborhood we live in is by far not even close to being considered part of Phillips Ranch. lol. Anywho, I don't really think names are important, only
91766 representin'! lol.

Garrett Sawyer said...

oh yeah, PARIS HILTON for Mayor of Pomona! That's hott!

Sid Robinson said...

HI Goddess,
Glad you're writing again. Believe me, I understand. My blog sat idle for a long time, too. It's not easy to keep these things going when life takes priority. Good luck, and come by Sid's Side, too.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Goddess, just wanted your opinion on who to vote for in District 4, do you know anything about the other two candidates? Paula Lantz has got to go.