Friday, August 22, 2008

Pomona AYSO is back

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This weekend will be the final sign-ups for Pomona AYSO at Palomares Park (that's where Orange Grove dead ends at Arrow Highway). If your child was older than 4 by this past July 31, then they qualify. You can visit the Pomona AYSO site at for further information, or for the most updated info call the organizers at (909) 622-1826.

Practices will be either Monday and Wednesdays at 5:30, or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Games will be at various times on Saturdays.

Claremont has their own AYSO league, as does Phillips Ranch, but Pomona is just starting up again so they needs both kids and volunteers.


pomonamom said...

My daughter isn't old enough, but it's never too early to investigate: the link is dead -- are you sure that's the right one?

Anduhrew said...


Ed said...

I'm glad to see you post about Pomona AYSO. Just for fairness, there is also a Pomona Youth Soccer League (

Anonymous said...

what's the difference?

Ed said...

I'll take a shot at explaining the difference, although I don't have too much familiarity with Pomona's soccer league.

Pomona AYSO is part of the AYSO National program, which is basically a recreational soccer program started in the 1960s. Visit for more info. Claremont and Phillips Ranch have similar programs and operate under similar bylaws.

There is also a youth soccer program which operates under the United States Soccer Federation. The California Youth Soccer Federation (CalSouth and CalNorth)does offer similar recreational leagues to AYSO, but they are probably better known for their competitive leagues (aka Club soccer).

I don't know whether the Pomona Youth Soccer league has an affiliation with a National program or if it is independent. I would guess that most of the teams you see around Pomona are actually the PYSL, but I don't believe the PYSL is associated with CalSouth (USSF/USYSA).

I don't have a basis for comparing the PYSL to the AYSO or USSF (USYSA) programs, since I have no formal experience with PYSL. If anyone can offer info, please do.

I doubt that helps, but you can get more info on AYSO, USSF, CalSouth, and the USYSA on their websites. Some are dot-org and some dot-com.

For newbies, I do like the AYSO programs. They are low key, but as a volunteer organization the quality of coaching can vary widely. The club system is more competitive and becomes the choice for players in their teens who might want to play high school. I'm guessing, but the PYSL is probably a more local version of the club system.

I'll try to answer future questions if someone has any.

There are also adult leagues and indoor soccer in Upland if you interested.

Anonymous said...

Goddess, I hope all is well as you have been silent of late.
Hope to see an update soon as the election is near and yours is a very popular place to see various views in and of Pomona.

Ms. Lois said...

We miss our Goddess!