Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Super Sandwiches

Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng
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I have about a jillion posts swirling around in my brain right now. Most have to do with Pomona, like is Elliott Rothman still running for mayor? But the post most on my mind these days is the one I'm currently craving: Super Sandwich at 9885 Central (northeast corner of Benito and Central, which is in between Holt and the 10 freeway) in Montclair. I know it's not in Pomona, but this place is worth crossing Pomona borders for, even at the risk of getting caught up in one of those pesky checkpoints.

For the past five years, my family has driven cross count[r]y to eat at Lee's Vietnamese Sandwich joint in San Gabriel and Fullerton. They have about 35 California locations, in what seems like every city BUT Pomona. They have one across from U.C. Irvine which, until recently, was open 24 hours a day. Lee's has something of a cult-like following, which I will readily admit to being a part of. With the pickled carrots and white stuff (someone help me out here), cucumber, cilantro and choice of meat, served on a fresh baguette, these are the most flavorable sandwiches I've ever had. And healthy too. Not to mention addictive.

While Lee's Sandwiches is the largest chain, some say that Mr. Baguette's Sandwich Shop in San Gabriel/Rosemead actually has the better sandwiches. I personally think that the bread at Mr. Baguette's may be better, but I prefer the overall sandwiches at Lee's.
My husband disagrees.

Some Pomona area restaurants offer Vietnamese sandwiches on their menu, but we've never found a Vietnamese sandwich shop in the Pomona Valley. Turns out Super Sandwiches has been around for two years. I only found out about them when they appeared in a mailer a few weeks ago. Super Sandwiches serves an excellent Vietnamese style sandwich (may I recommend the charbroiled or BBQ pork or chicken, remember to order it "Vietnamese style," although you probably want to manually take off the peppers.) Super Sandwiches also serves smoothies that not only rival Lee's, but the honeydew tastes exactly like Lee's.

The Clockwork Orange dining chairs at Super Sandwich deserve a shout out as well.

For anyone interested in checking it out, Super Sandwiches are closed on Sundays and only open weedays until 6. Which means they have better hours than the Pomona Baking Co.

As for me, it's nice to be craving food that I don't have to drive 20 miles to get.

It goes without saying that we could use a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Pomona. Perhaps one of the candidates will add that to their platform.

More Pomona posts to follow. I promise.


Anduhrew said...

thanks for the post Goddess!I know of plenty of people looking for a vietnamese baguette sandwhich shop in the region. I'll pass on the info.

meg said...

Actually, there is a banh mi shop in Pomona, although it's not the best I've ever had. It's in the same shopping center as Pho Hoa, on the other leg. In other words, whereas Pho Hoa faces east, the banh mi shop (whose name I've forgotten -- it may just be Banh Mi) faces south toward Holt.

As I said, it's not the best banh mi you've ever eaten, but it's decent, and they're friendly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I'm a little down on Pomona at the moment anyway. In the anti-neighborly spirit, a traffic cop gave my husband, who was waiting in his idling car outside our home for me to bring him a breakfast sandwich so he could have something to eat on his commute to work, received a ticket. I watched as she wrote the ticket while standing in his blind spot without even attempting to be neighborly and ask him to move his car or park properly. All this and he was out there about two minutes at the most (on our side of the street, facing the wrong way). What ever happened to Officer Friendly? An expensive breakfast for us ($50). I'm betting the Super Sandwiches aren't that much so I'm sure we'll go.

Anduhrew said...

wow, in deep south Pomona it seems like the Police don't pull over ENOUGH people.