Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yin-Yang in Pomona

So you want to build a straw bale home? Well, you are in luck, as there was a "how to" workshop at Cal Poly Pomona's Center for Regenerative Studies on just this topic. Thanks to Anduhrew over at Student in Pomona for emailing me about the Sustainability/ Solar Living conference this week. Interestingly, the Solar Living website identifies the Center for Regenerative Studies as being in... Los Angeles. Luckily, the Daily Bulletin reporter was able to find the place anyway.

I need new eyeglasses, but I'm pretty sure I saw Councilwoman Paula Lantz whiz past my home in Lincoln Park in the driver's seat of a red and white electric car on Monday night. How 'bout that for some Yin. Of course the next vehicle to pass by was the longest motorhome this side of the Mississippi. There's that nagging yang again.

Tonight Mr. Big and I ventured to Claremont's Memorial Park to see the Paul Cash Environmental Magician perform.

Paul is hand's down our favorite local performer. He works out of Cal State San Bernardino's award winning NEST program (a one of a kind center for environmental education -- in San Berdoo, who would have thunk? Probably not the same people who think the Center for Regenerative Studies program is in Los Angeles). Paul has been a fixture at the L.A. County Fair for at least the past 3 years that we've attended. Paul said that he will perform at the fair this year, but not in his usual site. Sadly, his show will no longer operate out of the wood shed that's in the U.S. Forestry area of the fair.

I believe these photos are of that area, but I'm not sure. Thanks to idiotjenn for posting them on There are even more trees than you can see in these photos, and two burros hang out in their shade. Yin, by the way, means shade in Chinese. This area of the fair is a welcome refuge from the otherwise chaotic fairgrounds. Ready for the yang? Turns out that the Fairgrounds plan to chop down the trees in that area to make room for a building or something that will make more money. My friend K and I were outraged to hear this, as it is both our and our sons' favorite part of the fairgrounds. Does anyone know about these plans? Are the Fairgrounds owned by the County or a private entity? Are there any protections afforded the trees or open space there?

This is what Garey Avenue used to look like, before someone decided to chop down all the trees.

This quote from Mr. Big standing on a soap box and exclusive to the blog: "No, they should not tear down the trees. The trees are good. They provide us with shade. That's the home of the environmental magician."

Anyone know the pictured genie of the fair, or someone else who could wave their magic wand and make this plan go away? I'm assuming the Environmental Magician has already tried to work his own magic. Sounds like a job for Mickey Gallivan. (photo courtesy of Monstroking on

Continuing with the yin, this industrious Pomona gardener could be you. Thursday at 6:30 p.m. will be the next meeting of the Lincoln Elementary community garden and THEY WANT YOU. Teacher Diana has asked for recommendations on how to better advertise the garden in the community in order to get more people out to help.

Pomona's Shop Local Society will be in session all this week. Purchase something in Pomona today and report back to the blog what it was you bought. And please, purchases from unregulated businesses on Holt do not count. That would be a definite yang, especially given that Pomona's one and only vice officer reads the blogs.

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ren said...

samething goes for Palomares st.from Monterey st. up to Center st. there were trees on both sides of looked like what you find today near the park with nice shade trees that hung over on the street.but some wise &%$# had to widen the street up.and same on Monterey st.when we were kids we use play football in the middle of the street with trees that lined the streets on both if you were to do that a Silver Streak Bus would come by and tag your &%$*.

Ed said...

Nice post. It would have taken me all day!

John Clifford said...

Today had lunch at Guasalmex for my "spend money in Pomona" day contribution.

me said...

Turns out the County is putting in a big new convention center there. NO fighting that, but hopefully the trees can be moved or replaced elsewhere.

G of P

Anonymous said...

I bought gas at the Shell on the corner.
Just doing my part.

Garrett Sawyer said...

Yep, those convention center plans have been in the works for some time now. If only a parking structure or two could be built then there would be more room for trees on the fairplex properties. :) I think, that even if the trees were offed, the convention center would be very benificial to Pomona, or at the very least, the future of the fairplex (which is a good thing). ^_^

Let's see, I went to starbucks, walmart and jack in the box last tuesday, and CVS on wednesday, and I rode the silver streak to union station...I don't know if supporting big businesses count. lol. But I didn't buy anything in L.A. except an all day rail pass so I could catch the red line then blue line to willow station in Long Beach to visit my grandma for a few days. Spent the rest of my traveling money in Long Beach of But Long Beach needs business too ya know...I bought a hat at Doughboys, and a couple magazines at Rite Aid when I was there.

A couple of the businesses I used to buy things at on second st. on a semi usual basis are gone's so saddening to see your favorite things move away. At least there is still La Bomba and Joeys BBQ (my favortie places EVAR!). Off topic but just to show how much attention I pay to second street, I remember when there was a little street on the side of Joeys BBQ that went from Garey to the parking lot behind Joeys BBQ....what happend to THAT?!? It just dissappeared when they built that huge bridge. Does anyone even use that bridge besides me and homeless people? lol.