Monday, July 21, 2008

Shop the Flats in Pomona

The Pomona Shop Local Society is still in session. Other than John Clifford, no one who reads the blog seems to have bought anything in POmona for several days now. I was out of town for a couple days, but I did manage to buy some fruit and vegetables from Stater Bros since my last post. Was anyone able to find a bargain at our abundance of 99 cents stores? The one on Foothill just west of Garey is my favorite right now. They actually get Trader Joe's seconds.

Gas counts too, unless you siphoned it from out of your neighbor's car.

That's been happening more and more in Lincoln Park (the siphoning, not the "shopping in Pomona" thing), at least according to the Neighborhood Watch emails. I still haven't put a lock on my car's gas tank. But if I do, I will buy it from one of Pomona's fine and abundant auto supply stores -- so as to maintain my membership in the Pomona Shop Local Society.

I'd spend some money at the Pomona Baking Company, but does anyone know if it's open yet? I'm proud to say I haven't stalked them since last week.

Here's a sneak peak of the mural on the inside of the bakery, courtesy of Richard.

So join me in giving Pomona a leg up by supporting our local businesses. Post below what you managed to not buy in Claremont, Upland or San Dimas this week. Who needs the Shoppes in Chino Hills, when you have the Flats in Pomona?



Anonymous said...

I bought gas today at the Mobil on Garey/Holt.

Anonymous said...

DBA, on Tues. and Sun. nights has a bartender who is very! knowledgeable about beer and has braodened my experience.

The bakery is not selling but giving away great product as of Sat. Try it.

2nd St. Bisto has been good for a couple recent lunches.

I buy stuff at Coates and Baker lumber.

I get my haircut by sheila P at Savoie.

Last night I walked from N. Linc. Park to 256 then Pho for dinner. I liked the quiet Downtown.

Anonymous said...

Gas at Arco at Arrow and Towne. Food at Staters on N. Garey. Dinner at Carrow's on Foothill. Ice cream cone at Rite Aid on Holt.
That's this week so far.

Three J

Ren said...

Berry Good,gas at Shell and Taco Bell what can i say am single lol

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! I'll play- Tikka curry spices, a lime, 2 green bell peppers, and dried black eyed peas at the Grove Farmer's market and Pacifico, chard and broccoli at Albertson's.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Pomona Baking Co. is open and they are giving away free samples. In fact, I don't think they're selling anything yet. I think their "official" opening is in a couple of weeks, so this is more of a "soft" opening. Go in the morning because I think they're only open until 1 p.m. or so. I just went there and tried a scone, a sampling of bread and a cup of hot chocolate. I will definitely become a regular customer

Anonymous said...

I paid my water bill.
It was the least I could do.

REN said...

just came back from the Pomona Bakery and yes there giving free bread and cookies and all kinds of good things.I have happy taste buds now thank you Pomona Bakery

K said...

Sure -- gas the the Chevron, groceries at the Stater Bros (still haven't sampled the Cardenas), books from the library, and beer from dba256. I even took my out-of-town visitor up to M & I Surplus to buy a new pair of Dickies (so he could cut down an old pair for shorts). He was delighted with the selection.

IE said...

I got some of the free cookies at the bakery also .Looking forward to its opening

Angel said...

Having a Venti Machiato at Starbucks as we speak. I had lunch at the best hole in the wall chinese food joint in Pomona (Kuans on Holt)

And yeah, I will probably be having the butternut squash soup at the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Today: Stater Bros, Albertson's, Nancy's for tortillas, and Home Depot.

Last week:
(2nd Street) Picnic baskets w/ trimmings from Little Red Hen and antique dresser and desk from 2nd Time Around.

Farmer's Market on Sat. for vegetables and flowers.

Farm Store (Cal Poly) for produce and chips/salsa.

Thursday night was Berry Good and Pho.

Friday morning, we stopped at Starbucks.

John Clifford said...
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John Clifford said...

In the past week I've bought, in Pomona, groceries at Stater Bros, coffee at Starbucks, Wine at dba256, eaten at Pho Vi, 2nd St. Bistro, Johnny's, Bravo Burger, and Berry Good; and bought some stuff at Home Depot, and CVS Pharmacy.

But even more important, I've HAD TO go elsewhere to purchase books (Borders in Montclair), see a movie (Edwards LaVerne 12), and buy bulk groceries and sundries (Costco--either San Dimas or Montclair). And of course, there are no major department stores to shop for clothes or other "necessities" anywhere within the city (Sorry but I WON'T got to Walmart).

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the compliment on behalf of us at dba256

my motto is DRNK LOCAL!!!!

i specialize in beer; focusing on craft/microbrews from the left coast

i have brought in some local beers into our winebar/gallery and please keep tabs on us, as we will be expanding our craft/local offerings

anyone with any questions on "good" beer feel free to come by the bar and ask for 'Tibbi'

-or you can email

please drink local and help support the Yakima Valley Hop Farmers (the last of the great American Farmers)- drink Hoppy, Bold, Local Beer


the people's barkeep

Anonymous said...

shopped my favorite Pomona place today. 99cents only store on Towne at Arrow. Got milk, dilled green beans and canned sloppy joe stuff. And fresh raspberries from CA.

Three J

Anonymous said...

This is a fun game!
Okay...the weekly usuals are WINCO and Walmart. I heart Winco! Stater's in Lincoln Park for last minute pot-luck things.
Home Depot instead of the Lowe's in C.Hills. Even Toys R Us for Legos. I heart Legos.
Gas also from Pomona--Garey/10fwy or Garey & Holt.
Oh yeah...bought a new blood pressure cuff at Pomona Medical Supply Company at 733 E. Holt.

I guess I really do shop Pomona. :)

calwatch said...

Don't forget office supplies and electronics at Staples and Circuit City.

me said...

Dog food at Pomona Feed instead of Petco (who deserted us at towne and foothill). Yes, the 99 cents only store has peaches, nectarines, 3 types of berries and organic greens right now. AS you can see, my credit card has still not been skimmed!

G of P

IMan said...

Last week, I ate tacos and a burrito (most of the giant burrito was reserved for lunch the following day) at El Patio (on Holt near White). This choice was made in an effort to shop locally since I do usually try to support local businesses and keep my tax revenue in Pomona. It was a tough decision since I really felt the urge for a few beers and grub at the Yard House (yes, at The Shoppes in Chino Hills). Well, the tacos and the burrito were great albeit a little greasy. I was happy with my decision and felt good about dining at a local eatery--that is, until the next day. I came down with a stomach condition (I'll spare you the details) that lingered for a few days. I should have known better. The restaurant was a bit untidy (I'm being generous) and the cook used his bare hand to prepare my meal. After doing some research, despite the "B" from LA County (I guess I should eat at only "A" establishments), rated them rather poorly based on their most recent health department scores. This is a great resource and I will definitely check this website when eating in Pomona or anywhere in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Calwatch, I'll draw the line at Staples and Circuit City. I like Amazon for electronics...keeps UPS busy as well as USPS. And if if I can't get office supples at the Dollar Tree or Walmart while buying other household items then I shop online. No need wasting money on gas when there is free shipping!

Thanks for mentioning Pomona Feed, G of P. I had forgotten all about them and wanted a better alternative to buying walmart brand (sorry, I'm a student and have a family and have a tight budget) and I just don't bother with Costco or Sam's anymore. Too much stuff that ends up unused or wasted. Stuff, Stuff, Stuff...

-Lego Maniacs' Momma