Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Pomona Inquirer

Actress Jessica Alba recently held a baby shower in her hometown: Pomona, California.

Jessica, who embraces a green life style, had the invitations printed on COMPOSTED paper that was filled with wildflower seeds. Guests were instructed to plant the entire invitation into the ground as a "celebration of life."

Jessica is due with her first child in June.

Note to self: remember to write Jessica to ask her for money towards community gardens. Thanks to stylin291 at Flickr.com for this photo.

As for other good looking Latinas from Pomona, Vanessa Bryant is married to Kobe and they have two little girls. My husband, who is a huge Lakers fan, said that Vanessa's sister works as a nurse at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

This photo is courtesy of the Pomona Library's Digital Collection. One of these two women was crowned the Pomona Queen in 1926. It would appear that Pomona girls have gotten a lot better looking over the years. Perhaps there were better looking women even back then, but these two had the backing of the local fire department and nurses union. Life is so unfair.


LinknPark said...

Actually Vanessa Bryant is from the O.C. and actually went to Marina High School with my wife. Hey Goddess, when you going to change the website back to its formerly glorious colors?

meg said...

Aw, give the 1926 Queen of Pomona a break. Maybe she was chosen for her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the community rather than her superficial beauty (or powerful connections).

me said...

Vanessa also attended St. Boniface Hi in Anaheim before Marina, and before that sometime her family lived in Pomona. I never knew it until recently either. I believe it's even on Pomona's wikipedia page now. I'll probably change the colors back after the Beautification Day. I'm trying to channel green until then.

Oh Meg, naughty me for being such a looks-ist. Perhaps they did have inner beauty.

G of P

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the Ms. Pomona contest has been based solely on academics and talent? There has not been any type of 'beauty' category for quite some time.