Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Guess who reads the blog?

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So I was outed yesterday at Stater Bros. Manager Scott rang me up and heard me out about their not having any whole chickens. Then he asked, "But we do have the La Brea bread today?" And yes indeedy they did!

Then he asked me if I was the one that writes on the internet about them not having the LaBrea bread. I questioned him that I couldn't be the only one that complains to him about their not having the bread and he admitted that I was not. He offered his opinion that he thought the thing on the internet was "pretty cool," so I admitted that it was very possible I was that person.

So it was just another day, trying to live semi-anonymously as the Goddess of Pomona.



meg said...

Yeah, my anonymity went away about 10 minutes after we started the blog. At the Restoration Workshop, I introduced myself to someone as Meg, and she asked, "Are you the Meg with the blog?"

I still have a few secrets I'm protecting (weight, PIN number...), but in today's climate of CC cameras and data mining, who knows how long even those things will be mine alone to know.

Anonymous said...

Will/should knowing that someone is reading influence what you write? Did you lose something by having manager Scott know your identity?

There's an awful lot of anonymity in the blogs, so I was just wondering. Along the same vein, does David Allen get better service at restaurants after being recognized or does a disgruntled reader serve him a little surprise?

From Anonymous (of course)

me said...

The anonymous thing is mostly for the benefit of my son (who also recently discovered that I'm the G of P, which is a whole other can of worms). The whole nature of a blog is that it is public, so no, it won't influence what I write anymore than it has in the past.

David's gonna have to answer the last part.

G of P

David Allen said...

Believe it or not, while the general public often does recognize me, restaurant staff and owners virtually never do. It's happened maybe twice in all these years. They all must be too busy working to read the paper.

Actually it always amazes me that anyone recognizes me based on that tiny little photo. Some people aren't even doubtful about it -- they just come right over and start talking as if it's obvious.

calwatch said...

But you are pretty unique. Glasses, bald head, no offense, but we can see you a mile away. Put on a toupee and contact lens and then you can be anonymous.

me said...

Ummm, I geuss I will try the touppe and contact lenses sometime. :)

G of P

Garrett Sawyer said...

I have no need for anonymity, I'm happy with people knowing who I am. If anyone doesn't like my opinions, they can go ahead and not like them (you thought I was going to write something else huh? lol), I don't care if anyone doesn't like what I write on the net. Since I stand by what I write/say, I have no problem with people maybe noticing me one day saying "There's that person who's opinions I hate! *heckle heckle heckle!*". I want people to recognize me and be able to attach their dislike of me to my face. lol. For obvious reasons, I have no problem at all with people recognizing me for all the good reasons either.