Saturday, May 03, 2008

Events this weekend

This to do in Pomona this weekend. Real quick before I walk out the door:

This morning at 10 a.m., hoola hooping at Lincoln Park will resume. Our teacher has now received bonafide hoola-hoop-teachers-training, so be sure to make it out some Saturday. It's kind of like a knitting circle, but you're doing cardiovasculars instead of looping holes. Actually I didn't double check with the teacher that it's going on today, so I'm taking my chances.

Cinco De Mayo celebration all day today at the Pomona Library. Check the Children's Library Blog (listed on my sidebar) for the full details.

Folk music festival at Sycamore Elementary in the Claremont Village this weekend. Children under 12 are free, but adults are 50 bucks, so it's out of my reach. I would love to go. If you got your tax refund check early, check it out. Ben Harper and Jackson Browne will perform tonight. And one other group which escapes me now.

Farmer's Market at Pearl and Garey is this morning. There was a Ken White (democratic candidate for the assembly) spotting there earlier. Our own Ren met him and walked away with the impression that this is one capable dude. So far, Ken is the only candidate to respond to my offer of a forum.

Don't forget to check out the tamales at the farmer's market. They are very tasty.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to post other Pomona events you know of in the comments section. And here is the rest of it.


Anduhrew said...

where's that photo of the Pomona tag from? i'd like to see it in person.
Fyi, We just picked some garlic earlier today at the Regenerative Studies Center, and we braided about 10-15 heads per braid so if you make it up there soon you can grab some free, fresh local and organically grown garlic. Make sure you only take stuff that's in crates in front of the commons though.

me said...

The Pomona photo was taken at the Azatlan Chalk Festival down on 2nd street. Victoriabernal is the flickr photographer. Unfortunately, it is long gone.

Tried to get a garlic braid, but they were all gone, as was everything else. I'm not entirely sure we were looking in the right place, it was inside the commons, at the front of where the food starts. The staff there didn't seem to know what we were talking about.

G of P

Anduhrew said...

haha, I figured that might happen, I'll save you a braid.