Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mmm mmm good...Berry Good

In Pomona, a new business that isn't a muffler shop or a massage parlor is cause for celebration. That's why I was so excited when reader "Pride in Garfield Park" offered to do a guest post on Pomona's newest, trendiest, and only, frozen yogurt shop. Take it away, Pride:

"When we first happened upon Berry Good back in December, my spouse and I knew this yogurt shop would become one of our warm-weather destination spots. Located in downtown Pomona on the northeast corner of Locust and Mission (1 block east of Garey, across from the Bank of America), Berry Good serves up five flavors of yogurt and at least 30 delectable toppings.

I misspoke. Actually, Berry Good doesn’t do the serving – you do. This is a do-it-yourself sort of place (see the play-by-play Berry Good video posted at Recently, trendy Asian-inspired yogurt joints have popped-up all over SoCal (think KiwiBerry in Claremont, O-Lime in LaVerne, Pinkberry in Los Angeles). Typically offering just two skimpy flavors and limited selection of toppings, these competitions can’t hold a candle to our Pomona yogurt spot. The Berry Good experience is highly customizable.

Choose your yogurt flavor or flavors. Five lovely selections greeted us during our last visit: strawberry, green tea, mango, raspberry, and plain tart. Dispense the yogurt(s) of your choice into the cup, making sure to save plenty of room for toppings. Then, pile on the toppings. Given there are over 30 toppings available, there’s something for everyone. Options include fresh fruit (including very plump blackberries and blueberries), nuts, cereals, jimmies, candies, and syrups.

If you’ve been to similar yogurt places in LaVerne or Claremont, you may have winced at the high prices. But, at Berry Good the yogurt and toppings are priced at a very reasonable 33 cents per ounce. My impression is this is at least half the cost of yogurt at similar shops. As you pay, ask the cashier to stamp your frequent-buyer card: buy ten, get the eleventh free. Speaking of deals, keep an eye out for coupons. At least when they first opened, the store offered “Buy Two, Get a Third Free” coupons. They also run regular coupons in the Money Mailer and in the Papa John’s flyers (Garey location).

Of course, you’ll have to decide whether to enjoy your treat on the run or while sitting at one of the chrome bistro tables nestled in the bright space. In spite of the free WiFi, a multitude of magazines for browsing, and a sun-filled seating area, the loud music and intrusive television dissuade me from camping out at Berry Good for more than 15 minutes at a time. I’d rather take my yogurt for stroll as I enjoy the company of friends and family.

Owner Jason Kwon said business has been steady since he and his family opened the shop a few short months ago. The Kwon’s often say hello to new and repeat customers, inspiring loyalty. Linda, a Western student, said, “This place is amazing. I am always trying to get people to come. . . When I first came here, I immediately started to bring all my friends; they love it too!” Linda also noted how receptive Berry Good is to suggestions. She said that her favorite yogurt flavor, Green Tea, was brought back from hiatus right after she requested it. My family experienced similar superb treatment when we requested that mochi be added to the toppings bar. (Mochi are sweet, chewy bits of rice dough. Don’t laugh; try them!) Mr. Kwon, when interviewed for this blog, said he has tried to create a place of beauty. I think he’s succeeded!

Not surprisingly given the location, regular customers include many students and faculty from Western University of Health Sciences, lawyers from the nearby courts and people who work downtown. If you live in the area, or find yourself downtown, you should definitely stop by for a visit. To accommodate customers out and about enjoying the extra hour of sunlight and the warm weather, the shop recently announced new business hours. They are:

Monday - Friday 10 AM – 8:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM

We go there for the yogurt, but it should also be mentioned that Berry Good also serves hot and cold beverages, including coffees, frozen drinks, and boba teas. Enjoy!"



ren said...

well it took me a couple of minutes to get over the first spoon of yogurt (brain freeze)but yes my taste buds were enjoying this frozen treat with all the different toppings.two thumbs up for Berry Good

me said...

I hear you, ren. What did you order? I got green tea and plain tart with carob and rice balls (thanks, Pride). the boys were feeling less adventurous and both got strawberry. The music was not too loud, so we poured over the various 2006 magazines. My favorite was the handmade suggestion box. Our suggestion: offer vanilla bean yogurt and 2008 magazines. We'll definitely be back!

G of P

Anonymous said...

Berry, berry good Post, Pride of Garfield Park!

Pomona Joe

me said...

I agree, Pomona Joe! Hopefully "Pride" will be back for an encore post about the greater Garfield Park area.

And Thanks Joe, for turning "Pride" on to the blog!

G of P

ren said...

well let me say that the mangor was great,and i had blackberries,blueberries and careal for my toppings.well am going back today still some flavors my taste buds are calling out be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

I have talked to some people about the idea of a contest to elect the closest look-alike to the Goddess of Pomona. I hope somebody picks up on it, as it should be a lot of fun and a reason for people to visit and know more about Pomona.

me said...

A Goddess of Pomona look alike contest? Not sure how this relates to frozen green tea yogurt, but that's a fun, if not bizarre, idea.

Now of course you would have to have a look alike for the various Goddess of Pomona images around town:
the statues
the latina mural
the 2nd street tile fountain
the thomas street mural
oh and my upcoming image of her for the blog.

I'd be happy to host the contest here on the blog through photo submissions, or something could be organized in conjunction with next year's Xmas parade. Oh the possibilities.

G of P

cruisin78 said...

Unfortunately I am not a resident of Pomona but I was visiting on Saturday and happened upon Berry Good... I had just strawberry with granola as my topping and I can't stop raving about it. I was hoping that it was a chain, but it's not. Opening one of these in the LA area would be great!!! next time I go to Pomona to visit my brother's new dental office, I'll be at Berry Good. And to top it all off... the staff was very pleasant and friendly!!

me said...

Is the owner the guy on the yourube video?

Cruisin', I'm glad you discovered Berry Good. At least you have something to look forward to when you visit your brother, besides the long drive from L.A.

G of P

Pride in Garfield Park said...

G of P, Nope. The guy luxuriating in the delights of yogurt is not the owner. He might be related to the owner, but Jason Kwon is a bit older.