Thursday, March 06, 2008

Coming to a Yard Near You

This weekend is Yard Sale Weekend in Pomona. It's one of Mr. Big and I's favorite things about living here. It runs from Friday to Sunday. Starting at about 8 a.m. on Saturday, the Lincoln Park neighborhood is inundated by bargain hunters of every hope and persuasion.

I've pretty much run out of my own junk to sell thanks to previous yard sale weekends, but I'll be out there selling the junk of my friends and relatives. Mostly, we will be hanging out with my neighbors V and W.

The hard part about selling is sneaking away to look at other neighborhood offerings. Especially since I've purchased some great items at the Pomona Yard Sale Weekend. My favorite would have to be a 1940's typewriter for blind people called a "Brailler." For $3, I bought a Sonoma-Williams-quality waffle iron that weighs about 50 pounds and cooks waffles to perfection.

Then this Friday night is Ugly Stepsister Claremont's Art and music walk. Pomona's Second Street Art Walk follows on Saturday night.


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