Sunday, March 09, 2008

Goddess Done Good

Last week, a worker at Veteran's Thrift Store in Pomona found $30,000 in cash while sorting through the donations pile. The worker, Barbarita Nunez, was honest enough to return the money. Her selfless act has put Pomona's good side all over the regional news. Here's a video showing Barbarita and some of the thrift store's inventory. (Please note, you have to press the play button on the screen at the right side of the cbs page.)

Veterans Thrift Store is located at 1190 S. Garey Avenue. I finally went inside about a year ago at the enthusiastic urging of my friend Dalet. Once inside, I marveled at the hugeness of the space and the sheer amount of clothing and knick knacks that are stockpiled there. Each time I have visited, a half price sale has been going on, and there is an undeniable frenzy in the air.

Pop in there sometime. And be sure to give Barbarita a high five for doing her part to change Pomona's image. And let us know if those $9.98 yellow sneakers are still around.

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Pride in Garfield Park said...

I LOVE Veteran's Thrift! I know we have a ton of second-hand stores here in Pomona to choose from, but I stand behind Veterans 100%. Their prices are good, their inventory unbeatable, and the store is well-organized. Support a local business while also reducing your carbon footprint -- in addition to acquiring a fab thrift store purchase, you'll be keeping one more piece of junk out of our landfills :)Pride in Garfield Park

Garrett Sawyer said...

I'm so glad Pomona is finally getting some positive coverage, I get so sick of all the negative. At times it's like it seems the Media has hand picked Pomona to be the center of crime in the news. Bad things do happen here, but you rarely ever see the news trying to show the good side of Pomona. They're always showing both the good if not more of the good and bad sides of every other city except for Pomona and a select other few. I think only about a few percent of the residents are crooks and gangsters...everyone acts like the figure is more like 70-80 makes me angry.