Friday, February 15, 2008

Realtor Has Her Eye on Pomona Redwoods

I've just started reading a new local blog called Route 66 Neighborhood Scoupe, whose tagline is "Keepin' It Real...Estate." It's one of the cooler-looking blogs around, thanks in part to Wordpress. Makes me more convinced I need to do some redecorating around here.

The blog is written by real estate agent Jennifer Castillo. The word Pomona is cut off the map which serves as her blog header, but she did recently blog about us. Jennifer traveled to see the grove of 250 redwoods in Pomona's Ganesha Park and she has the killer photographs to prove it. The grove is one of a kind in Southern California and certainly looks worth the trip. Thanks to Rancho homegirl Jennifer for a positive post about Pomona and her spiffy new blog.

Speaking of Route 66, have you seen The Old Schoolhouse Building in Claremont recently? Yes you have: it's today's photo! They've replaced the beautiful old windows with dark vinyl windows that imo take away a lot of character from the building. I'm glad Trader Joe's is coming and the palm trees add a lot, but those windows are a fashion no-no!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Goddess!

I tried to keep the Pomona name in, but the way the wording was situated it did not fit.

Keep up your good work here. I enjoy reading it.

Jennifer said...

You've got an official shout out, Goddess.