Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Pomona Valentine

What better photograph of love in Pomona than the newly planted "urban garden" at Tri City Mental Health at 822 N. Garey.

I feel about Pomona as my husband and I feel about Mr. Big: falling madder and madder in love everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day, Pomona.

I hope others will share their Pomona Valentine below.



John Clifford said...

Despite the fact that says that Pomona is at the bottom of the list for romance, I think we have plenty of things to love. Last Sunday's Historical Society meeting was all about sharing the love of the city.

me said...

Ahh, but John, I noticed that you did not get up at the meeting and share. And I know that you, unlike myself, do not shy away from public speaking. Perhaps you are saving it up for a future post on M-M-M-M-y Pomona?

G of P

John Clifford said...

Actually I was the one who provided the video on the Fox so I felt that I had done my part. Plus I blush easily. It's a lot easier to talk about things like logic and doing what's right than it is to express heart-felt emotion.

It all has to do with an impersonal Germanic upbringing.

Ed said...

Give David Allen some credit for defending Pomona despite its presence on the romance list. Since I've been publicly critical of him in the past, I will publicly praise him for his Cupid article.

And David..... I do read (and usually enjoy) your articles!

me said...

Were you the one who actually made that video? Because it was pretty heartfelt for someone from an impersonal Germanic upbringing!

And Ed I do believe you just sent David Allen a Pomona Valentine. Was it Councilman George Hunter who said we couldn't join hands and sing kumbaya (the comment was in reference to Torres and Romero). Seems they can't do it at City Hall, but on the blog, anything is possible!

G of P

John Clifford said...

Oh lordy no. I just cajoled the Tessier's into providing the video from the stuff that was filmed the day we had the Sneak Peak of the theater. Their videographer, Jason, cut some appropriate material for us along with the animated flythrough of the theater announcing the December 11, 2008 opening.

I provided but had nothing actually to do with it. I did like it a lot though.