Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Goddess of Garey Avenue

I figure that one of the cures for writer's block around here is to go on some type of posting mission. I've therefore taken on the task of periodically blogging about Garey Ave. Now I have to do this in some type of organized fashion, so as to give every last business their 15 minutes of fame. Of course sprinkled in with the businesses will be occasional housing developments, empty lots and local street folk.

But I'm not sure if I should blog Garey from head to toe, versus south to north. Or alternatively, from inside out, starting at the midway point, which I would imagine is somewhere near the library. I figure that if I flake out that I may never actually get to the middle part of Garey, where the most interesting places are.

What do you guys think? The Oaks housing development awaits a decision from the northernmost perch of Pomona, as does their down-but-not-out neighbor, the Crest Manor trailer home park. While the Hostess Bakery beckons from the southernmost point of Garey, insisting that their building may be empty and deserted by the time I get to them.

Any opinions before I embark on this journey?

Today's photo is of the woman who stands on the corner of Garey and Alvarado most every day. She faces west with her eyes closed as the sun goes down. The first time we saw her, Mr. Big asked, "Mommy, is THAT the Goddess of Pomona?" I assured him that no that is not the Goddess of Pomona, nor is it the Statue of Liberty - which is usually his follow up question. On the chilly day that I shot this photo, the woman stood still as a statute in the weeds with one of her feet completely bare, while traffic on Garey whizzed by all around her. What do I know? - perhaps she IS the Goddess of Pomona, or at the least the Goddess of Garey Avenue.



Ontario Emperor said...

Rather than forcing yourself to blog Garey in a particular order, why not just blog things as you see fit, but include some type of location code in each post (e.g. "200 N") so that people can subsequently put them in the correct order? This way, if something exciting happens in the 600 S block, you're not prevented from posting about it because you're in the 200 N block.

My two cents.

Ms. Lois said...

Start at the most interesting and fabulous place in Pomona ... THE LIBRARY! :)

Ms. Lois

Ed said...

I'm with the "emperor" AND with the biased Ms. Lois.........bounce around but start at the library.

Ms. Lois said...

Of course I'm biased! I've worked at the library for 17 1/2 years and everyday I still love coming to work.

By the way you all may be interested to know that we only have cute children here in Pomona. If you need confirmation, just ask Mr. Big. He's as cute as they come!

(thanks G of P for the shameless plug)

Ed said...

OK, I'm taking my vote back. How about the railroad track in North Pomona? I'm tired of cute kids.

me said...

I'm suprised that there's a consensus for jumping around. It makes my job easier, I suppose, but doesn't guarantee that I will get to everywhere. Not that I was ever going to get to everywhere...But I geuss ya'll figured that out.

I knew that most everyone had noticed just how cute the kids from Pomona are, but I'm wondering who else has seen the Garey Goddess. She was not out there tonight.

G of P

richard e nunez said...

you know behind the white wall at the travel lodge there used to be a swimming pool.but the first time someone drove right into the wall and into the pool.then there was the second driver that did the samething,thats when they said the pool goes.funny thing is i dont think anyone has driven into it since they took the pool out i heard of car pooling but this is not what i think they had in mind.

Anduhrew said...

I just found out today who the goddess of Garey Avenue is. She actually has her eyes open(they're tiny) and is sun gazing as the sun sets. She also told me that now that she found this blog she may consider staying in Pomona because she is discovering that People in Pomona actually care.

LALa said...

Perhaps a mathematical progression of the addresses up and down Garey. Prime numbers?

Anonymous said...

The goddess of Garey Avenue does that because he believes if he does, he doesn't have to eat food.