Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pomona Moving Up in the World

Tonight when I ran into Staters for a few items, I did a triple take when I saw that they actually had hand baskets. The baskets do not even appear to be hand- me-downs from another store, as they are in great shape. The Staters guy told me they came in last week. I stopped looking for them about three years ago, so I'm not surpised they've been there a few days without my even noticing them.

I took a photo of my basket for the blog, since I know Mark and some of you others wouldn't believe it until you saw the baskets with your own eyes. You should really go in there and try them out for size. It sure beats having one's fingers strangled by heavy bags of produce, at the same time as one's hands are being frozen by ice cream.

We really are moving up in the world, or at least reducing the number of cases of finger strangulation in Pomona.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for the "return of the hand basket" to Stater Bros. I remember when suddenly they were no longer at the store; I asked the manager why not, and he replied that they had all been stolen! Hopefully these will last a few weeks.

In the meantime, keep those dollar bills handy to dole out to the parking lot homeless. They need the help. And those of us who can, need to help them if we can.

Anonymous said...
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