Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Puppet Show This Saturday

Traditional Puppet Show
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This one comes to us via PuppetLady (Lincoln Park mom/ Cal State professor). And more importantly, the first regular poster on the blog!

Homer's Classic, adapted for Children by Falls/ Beattie

Friday, February 22 at 9:30am
Saturday, February 23 at 2:00pm

The Sturges Center for the Fine Arts
780 N. E Street, San Bernardino


[Appropriate for ages 5 and up - there's a giant cyclops who actually eats someone on stage.
They were turning folks away when it was held at a smaller venue, so please come on out and help them fill up their large new digs.]

Odysseus' epic journey home from the Trojan War is a fanciful adventure featuring the man-eating, one-eyed Cyclops, Sirens, the sorceress Circe, King Aeolous, and the trickster god, Hermes. Using puppetry, masks, songs, and mime, this realization of the Homeric classic will intrigue both children and adults, while remaining faithful to the poetic original.

Please contact the Performing Arts Box Office for information and reservations.

Gwyneth Kozbial, Box Office & Publicity Manager
CSUSB University Theatre



Johanna said...

Thanks for the plug, Goddess! There are so many of us "creative types" in Lincoln Park (including your lovely writing self). We should start a "Salon du Pomona" and share witticisms in our bungalows. I would love to tour other artist's work spaces, in particular - I know we have quite a few artisans making cool things in the neighborhood...

me said...

"Salon du Pomona" - I like it! I am amazed at the amount of professors we have around here. On my block alone, there are three - two of whom are professors of sculture at two separate colleges.

G of P

Ms. Lois said...

Hi Goddess,

Do you have a card for the Puppet Lady? I'd like to know more about her. (I have to work Saturday.)

Johanna said...

Hi Ms Lois-
If you'd like to know more about what I'm up to, go to theatre.csusb.edu and click on "faculty and staff." My picture has puppets in it - you can't miss it. As for more shows, I'm gonna try to bring a show to preschools in this area next winter (well, it will be CSUSB students, but I'll direct). Keep your eyes peeled... and of course I'm always out at Halloween (or Madame Nhu is).

Ms. Lois said...

Thanks,puppetlady, I'll check it out. I've heard great things about you and I'd love to have you come to our library sometime.

me said...

Bravo, puppet lady. To you, your puppets and your students!!! Mr. Big and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, which I would describe as well-acted, innovative, multi-media and - at least in the case of Big who was fighting the gods and goddesses with an imaginary sword from his seat - interactive. We spent all night making puppets.

I was really impressed. Did anyone else make it out there in the rain? That Sturgess Auditorium was something else, as well.

G of P

Ms. Lois said...


I'd love for you to give a show at the library sometime. Please contact me through our blog: http://pplchildrens.blogspot.com
or call at the Library:
(909) 620-2043 ext. 2730 and ask for Ms. Lois.