Monday, January 07, 2008

From where I sit

This is the spectacular view I have from my desk here in Pomona. One of the remarkable things about this area is our equal-opportunity mountains. Unlike most folks that live near an ocean, but can't see it from their windows, much less their roofs, lots of us common folk here in Pomona get to see our region's natural landmark without million dollar price tags attached to our houses. Okay, without even half million dollar price tags attached to our houses. Although btw, if you are to believe, there are at least three $1 million dollar homes in LIncoln Park alone. One of them belongs to one of our regular posters here! Heck, even the folks at the Pomona Motor Lodge get to take in this breathtaking view. No wonder we can't get rid of them!

Now I will admit to having once had a partial view of the Golden Gate Bridge when I lived in San Francisco. Of course I had to stand up on my tip toes and look out my closet window to see it, but STILL. However, relaxing back against my chair and being able to see the mountains without getting a crook in my neck is really quite cool.

But enough about my view. I'm wondering who had a view of tonight's city council meeting and what transpired.



Mark said...

My partner & I moved to Lincoln Park from Huntington Beach.
We had a nice view of the pier and the sound of rolling waves.
An extra added bonus was the surfers changing into wetsuits in our front yard.

me said...

Well I think I can top that: when I lived in Oakland I had a view of the Laney College sign. It was a neon sign done in an emerald green color and written in cursive. Very collegiate! It used to make me want to laugh almost every time I looked out my window. I knew I'd found my man when I met my husband and he told me that he always had the same reaction to the sign. But this is, of course, completely off topic now, and perhaps getting into the area of "who the heck cares."

G of P