Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another day, another location scout

The cult of Leica.
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Was anyone else visited over the weekend by Scott, the location scout? He had a slew of Lincoln Park addresses on his piece of paper, and I know he got into a couple of bungalows. The production company he works for is looking for a home in which to film a commercial for a midwest bank. The ideal location will have the look of a midwest couple's first home in the craftsmen style with a wooded entry way and a large kitchen. Unlike some other recent projects, this one will definitely be filmed in Pomona, not Pasadena, not Whittier, not West Adams/ Los Angeles and definitely NOT Claremont. Reason being, that the director is sold on downtown Pomona for the other part of the commercial, and they specifically want a nearby home.

It will be interested to see which house is chosen. I'm sure it won't be us, since the money would come in too handy right about now.

Scott told me that Pomona is increasingly on the radar for filming, since it hasn't been used over and over, and that while in the past people thought it was too far, when they have worked out here they find that it isn't. He said that he scouted locations for two major films in recent years, but both projects changed at the last minute and were not filmed in Pomona. He said that one project, which was for Swordish, would have involved the restoration of the Fox Theater at the film company's expense. Anyone know about that?



calwatch said...

The problem is that Pomona is not in the Thirty Mile Zone... where filming rates are cheaper. So there is no real difference between Pomona and Redlands, San Diego, or Camarillo. (The zone ends right as I-10 ascends the Kellogg Hill in San Dimas.) SO while you will get one off commercials (which are generally non-union) and the occasional Cat in the Hat or Gattaca, it is highly unlikely thahat Pomona will rest the charming small town category from Pasadena, Monrovia, or parts of Torrance anytime soon.

me said...

So what you're saying is that Pomona is once again left stranded at the ballroom without a partner?

Although I, for one, don't ever want to see us in the same "charming small town" category as Pasadena and Monrovia. We are what we are, but it's just not what they think it is that we are. Capische?

G of P

calwatch said...

Pomona's just too far from the center of the TMZ, Beverly and La Cienega. They didn't film The OC in Orange County because of this rule, and they aren't going to film much in Pomona because of this either. Get used to it.

Curious said...

Is the TMZ a union contract issue? Just curious. It seems kind of strange in Los Angeles that anyone counts miles as it can take an hour to head West 5 miles and only 5 minutes to head East for 5 miles.

I lived on the Westside for many years and traffic has become so bad there it is impossible to get anywhere on those streets.

I wouldn't assume that the TMZ will be the standard forever unless it serves a useful purpose.

me said...

When I lived in L.A. I had a boss who used to say that it takes 45 minutes to get from anywhere in the L.A. basin to anywhere else in the L.A. basin He was pretty much right, whether it was going across the City of L.A., or going to an outlying suburb, it basically takes 45 minutes. But traditions like L.A.-centric-TMZ are hard to break. That means we will be lucky enough to enjoy our area ourselves most of the time, as opposed to tripping over usually-pretty-rude-and-full-of-themselves film crews all the time.

G of P

ren said...

dont forget the x-files were filmed down at park and 2nd.and another movie was filmed at pomona sheet metal on first st.,but cant recall the movie