Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And the winner of the first ever "Where in Pomona is this Photo" contest:

So it was an impressive win by "Back in the 909" who came up with the correct location for the Pomona mystery photo, apparently without even leaving the house. Reader Ed confirmed the accuracy of BIT909's geuss yesterday and I went to Gafield Park just now and photographed it. You probably need to blow up today's photo to see the houses from the original photo in the background. I thought it would be nice to get the Goddess and soldier statue in there to get perspective.

So BIT909, please email me to receive your prize.

I agree with Ed that getting out of your car and taking in Garfield Park is something that everyone should do. I know someone's going to make fun of me, but Garfield Park kind of reminds me of Jackson Square in New Orleans. It would be nice to honor Pomona's war dead, of which I fear there have been one too many of in Iraq. THE END


Sherlock said...

I can't comment on the Jackson Park reference (never been there), but what a nice camera! And we really need to solve the sword issue.

I'm hereby pledging to make a $250 donation to the Historical Society of Pomona Valley for the new sword. Any other non-donors willing to donate? Or previous donors who want to toss in a few more dollars?

John Clifford said...


Good for you! HSPV welcomes all donations (just go to the Ebell and drop off a tax deductible check). They still need to come up with some funds. They're currently planning a re-dedication of the statue. The city is actually stepping up to the plate by adding lighting and fixing the landscaping around the statue.

Ed said...

I just grabbed a tax deduction and a signed copy of Mickey Gallivan's book in one stop. How about that for convenience!

A Goddess of Pomona blogathon to benefit the Goddess of Pomona statue........would you be willing to take the reigns, GofP? No pressure, you just seemed the logical choice.

MS said...

Don't forget Memorial Park between 2nd and 3rd on the west side of Downtown. A few years ago the city erected a new War Memorial there. I applaud the effort but it was like they forgot that Garfield Park even existed.

A new sword for the Goddess is a noble effort but I'm concerned that it won't last. It's basically a 4' long lever fastened at one end. Very tempting to give it a pull and collect a souvenir.

Speaking of which did you know that the Gazelle statue in the entry way at city hall belongs in one of the fountains on 2nd Street? Somewhere in there is also a pair of bronze doves that also belong on 2nd Street. Both were created by Claremont artist Betty Davenport Ford and are waiting for "better times" before being returned to the street.

The fountains on 2nd Street were designed by Millard Sheets and created as part of the Pedestrian Mall in 1962. Four of the fountains still exist, but unfortunately over the years they have been vandalized as well.

The original Doves were stolen, the Gazelle was broken and down in front of the old Buffums was a group of Cranes in a reflecting pool by Albert Stewart that were smashed to bits and thrown away.

And don't forget the fountains at City Hall. The large reflecting pool is now a planter as is the pool that the Council Chambers sit on top of. And over in front of the county building is the large fountain that sits dry because the Council can't decide whether to fix it or remove it.

me said...

Thank you for the info, ms. YOu seem to have a lot of it, so I am always trying to figure out what or who ms may stand for. Thanks for contributing to the blog

G of P