Thursday, January 10, 2008

The end of the line

I am told that former Pomona mayor Donna Smith is the one responsible for the palm tree-filled median strips that run north on Garey from the 60 freeway up to Ninth Street. I am told that she was big on the beautification of Pomona, which I've always thought should be much more of a priority now than it appears to be. Donna Smith was the mayor before Eddie Cortez. I don't know anything else about her, besides hearing that she has fallen on tough times.

What I'm puzzled by is why the lush medians do not continue all the way up Garey. Does anyone know? Finances? Why has no one picked up where she left off so many years ago and continued the median to the 10?

I stumbled upon this eulogy (of sorts) while googling for more info about Donna Smith. Now I'm wondering who Mr. P is. Besides a large fish fryer.

I'm not sure that reminiscing about past politicians thrusts us into the future, but Donna Smith succeeded in making at least one visible and positive change in this City, so it's worth asking how we can continue to do the same.



Ontario Emperor said...

Wow, your question is actually one that I can sort of answer. Back in the mid to late 1980s, Mr. P was the lead singer in a band called Desperation Squad, a band that moved in the same circles as Wckr Spgt (I believe Mark Givens was in both bands, at least for a time). The one Desperation Squad song that I remember was called "Serious Love." I take that back...they also had a song with a name something like "You Look Stupid." A very energetic and engaging band, from what I recall.

I vaguely remember him running for Mayor of Pomona a few years back, but don't know much about what he's doing today.

Ed said...

Good topic. Beautification was a consistent theme with the past city manager of Claremont.

If money is limited would people prefer a city with more curb appeal or one with a larger police force? I'll stick my neck out and vote for curb appeal. Anyone else?