Monday, October 29, 2007

Speaking about moving vehicles

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On Friday, I saw something while I was driving down Towne at Arrow Highway that made me proud to live in Pomona. A white mustang was being pushed up into a gas station by two white guys. A Latino guy in a red truck pulled into the gas station, jumped out of his truck and immediately started helping the guys to push the mustang. Then a black guy in a grey Nissan did the same. It was clear that none of the men knew each other, nor were they even asked to help. Where was my digital cam at such a kodak moment?

It's nice to know altruism is alive and well and living in Pomona. Luckily the mustang hadn't broken down another few blocks north of Arrow, or it would have been within the City of Claremont boundaries.



Anonymous said...

Altruism? The driver promised to treat his helpers to a quickie at the Lincoln Park hooker RV.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hooker RV's, does anyone know what is all the police activity-people searches in recent weeks on Palomares/Alvarado area? What is going on just south of Alvarado?

Anonymous said...

And I don't mean the speed-trap (thanks traffic police, it helps a great deal) but actual k-9 dogs and lots of patrol cars.

Goddess of Pomona said...

Touche regarding the first comment!I haven't noticed the searches below Alvarado. There was a block captain meeting last night with the chief and councilperson (if you can believe it), so maybe someone who attended will chime in. Although given that the top agenda item seemed to be "Paving the alleyways" (not sure WHAT that has to do with crime in Lincoln Park and definitely sounds like someone steering the 'hood watch into their own personal agenda), I have my doubts that anything substantial was discussed. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised tho.

Ed said...

Are these meetings open to the general public or just a priviledge few? I don't mean to be critical, well maybe just a little, but some of us disinterested public might actually participate if we were included.

me said...

Well, like I say, I happen to still be on the mailing list since someone seemed to think I was volunteering to be a block captain. But I agree. The entire community should be given a chance to confront the chief and councilperson. Frankly tho, I wonder if they would have agreed to come if it was a larger group. Remember that both were convienently "previously engaged" the night of the original meeting. TEchnically, I think your block captain is supposed to be organizing your block and getting email addresses in order to keep you informed. Do you guys have a block club? But like I say, the more informative emails seen to be the one between block captains. Are you doing anything special over there tonight for the kids?

Ed said...

Thanks for the info. I'm at a loss as to whether we have a block captain. I'm guessing it's not my neighbor:)

We've hired a college student to dispense the insulin-inducing chemicals while we walk the neighborhood with the 8 year old.

BTW I never noticed the palm tree before. That's one way to keep the low flying helicopters away.